We believe that prevention and prompt diagnosis are the most important steps to maintaining good health.

Invest in your future, and experience premium healthcare today.

Membership programs
38 medical specialities
Guaranteed appointment date
Open in the evenings and on Saturday
Doctor on phone 24/7
Home visits

Your healthcare coordinator

Will help you arrange a timed appointment to suit all your healthcare needs- both at our clinics or with our partnered facilities.

Let us take care of your worries

Extensive prevention

In our membership packages, we offer up to 13 different preventative examinations, to which you will always receive an invitation.

Your health is our responsibility.

Online chat with a doctor

For an immediate solution to your health problems

Thanks to our online chat, you have the opportunity to discuss common health concerns with our doctors- quickly, and from anywhere in the world.

Connect to a doctor in three easy steps

How does the online chat work?

Dentistry and vaccinations

Unbearable toothache at two in the morning?

Not a problem- our on-call dentist will be at your front door in no time.

Planning a trip abroad?

Rely on us to make it effortless. With us, you can ease your mind that all your necessary vaccinations are taken care of.

Membership programs


Client zone and mobile app

Online appointment booking or access to your medical documents anywhere in the world? That’s only a handful of the functions that are at available your fingertips with Canadian Medical’s app.

Available from 7/1/2020

Membership programs

Favourite For the demanding
Extensive preventive care 5 methods of prevention 11 methods of prevention 14 methods of prevention
Guaranteed appointment date Up to 10 working days Up to 5 working days Up to 2 working days
Above standard hospital bed - 14 days 21 days
Health care Client hotline Coordinator (cz, en) Coordinator (cz, en)
Home visit - 5x per year unlimited
Dental check-up 1x per year 1x per year 2x per year
Dental hygiene - 1x per year 2x per year
Dental emergency - unlimited unlimited
Dental procedure discount 5% discount 15% discount 30%
Vaccination 2 types of vaccines 5 types of vaccines 7 types of vaccines
Medication home-delivery - yes yes
Clinics 7 premium clinics 8 premium clinics 9 premium clinics, including Homolka Premium Care
Price per person/month 2 500 CZK 4 500 CZK 8 800 CZK
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