Anesthesiology is the medical speciality of perioperative care allowing pain-free surgery or other procedures. Through various pharmacological methods (intravenous or inhalation), anaesthetics can be either local or general.

Anaesthesia is divided into three sub-groups: 

  • General: the elimination of all senses through an induced state of unconsciousness, or in other words, a medically induced coma.
  • Local: affects only the peripheral nerves, rather than the whole central nervous system, resulting in a numbing of a specific part of the body. 
  • Analgosedation (a combination of both): the reduction of the perception of pain throughout the entire body, while also reducing the state of consciousness (while still maintaining a state in which the patient is able to verbally communicate). 

The anaesthesiologist guarantees comprehensive care of all the vital functions of the patient during the procedures, providing pre-operative and post-operative care as well. Anesthesiologist at Canadian Medical are involved in one day-surgeries, as well as any major dental procedures.

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