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Do you want to be an employer who takes care of your employees?

Do you want your employees to be healthy and to work more efficiently?

Motivate your employees and hold HEALTH DAYS with us at your workplace.

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Movement without Mistakes


Prevent fatigue and pain caused by poor posture. We will teach you how to sit properly, adjust your workstation and stretch overworked areas to prevent changes in your posture. The seminar takes approximately 120 minutes, with maximum capacity for 20 persons. Individual ergonomic consultation with exercises takes approximately 30 minutes.

So Your Body Doesn’t Hurt


Did you know that back pain is the leading cause of incapacity to work worldwide? Whether it involves a sore back, a blocked cervical spine, stiff joints, contracted ligaments or strained muscles, you will find help and the path to healing in this programme. The seminar takes approximately 120 minutes, with maximum capacity for 20 persons. Individual physiotherapy and massages take approximately 30 minutes.

We’ll Give It

First-Aid Training

Do you know the new, more effective method of resuscitation that is fundamentally different from previously used methods? Learn how to act quickly and correctly in a critical situation and save lives. Every employee will receive a certificate verifying completion of the course. The training takes approximately 120 minutes, with maximum capacity for 15 persons.

A Matter of the Heart


Heart and cardiovascular diseases comprise the most common cause of death in the Czech Republic. Therefore, it is important that we start to take more interest in the condition of our heart and circulatory system. Do you want to be sure your cardiovascular system is not at risk? Thanks to a blood test, the levels of the substances that have the greatest impact on the circulatory system can be determined from a single drop. Each employee examination takes approximately 12 minutes.

Eyes in Order


Your eyes are under daily strain from looking at a monitor or other display technology. Therefore, you need to take care of your vision. This programme offers individual consultations, examinations using modern diagnostic equipment and relaxation techniques. Each employee examination takes approximately 15 minutes.

It Doesn’t End with the Feet


Incorrect positioning of the foot has a direct impact on overall posture. Flat feet, uneven bone length, turned-in ankles, etc. cause changes in the position of the spine and disrupt the anatomical arrangement of the skeleton, thus negatively affecting the whole body. Each employee examination takes approximately 15 minutes.

Firmly in Hand

Carpal Tunnel Examination

If your work requires you to perform activities that put unilateral strain on your hands, such as working on a computer, you may be at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Each employee examination takes approximately 15 minutes.

Your Teeth Are Your Calling Card

Dental Hygiene

With us, you have the opportunity to learn a truly effective tooth-brushing technique and thus contribute to maintaining the health of your teeth and preventing cavities. The lecture and workshop are designed for 20 persons, with duration of 120 minutes, though more time may be required in the case of a larger number of participants.

In Your Own Skin


Get examined by a dermatologist for early detection of serious illnesses. Each employee examination takes approximately 15 minutes.

We’ll Detect What Is Necessary

His and Hers Cancer Prevention

The #Prsa#Koule (#Breast#Testicle) cancer-prevention workshop provides practical training on medical aids. Early detection of risks is important. The seminar takes 60 minutes, with capacity for 20 persons.

It Starts with the Head

Personal Development

Discover new techniques for developing various personal skills and learn new skills under the guidance of an experienced psychotherapist or psychologist and reinforce your mental health. The seminar takes 90 minutes, with capacity for 20 persons.

Eating Differently

Nutritional Consultation

What is or is not healthy, what causes us to gain weight and what helps us lose weight? For those who want to benefit from the latest, medically proven resources, this programme offers a 60-minute lecture with capacity for 20 persons. Individual consultations with measurement using the InBody device take approximately 20 minutes.

Do you have your own idea for a workshop or seminar? We will be pleased to help you make it happen.

Why HEALTH DAYS with us?

We have many years of experience
We will tailor the composition of the programme to your needs
We use modern diagnostic tools
Individual programmes are conducted only by experienced physicians, nurses and healthcare specialists
We provide the selected programmes in Czech and English

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