Occupational Medical Services

We are the biggest provider of medical care for employers on the Czech market.

We provide occupational health services for more than 200,000 employees at more than 800 contracting partners in 450 locations throughout the country, and we have more than 20 years of experience behind us. Our clients are the biggest employers in the market.

We provide complete occupational medical services (OMS) in compliance with the legislation in force. Within the programme, we provide professional examinations by specialists for employees who do hazardous work. Canadian Medical also offers medical care beyond the scope of the legal requirements. Such care involves prevention programmes, thanks to which you can reduce the costs associated with your employees’ sickness over the long term, as well as premium medical care that companies offer in connection with employee benefits.

How does cooperation with Canadian Medical work in the case of occupational medical check-ups?


Initial audit

At the start of cooperation, an audit will be conducted in order to map the current situation and your specific needs. On the basis of this audit, we will design for you a system by means of which OMS will be carried out.


Performance of inspections

On the basis of legal requirements, specialists from Canadian Medical inspect a range of health and safety parameters at the client’s workplace. This involves, for example, inspection of personal protective equipment, inspection of first-aid kits, assessment of risk factors at the workplace, etc.


Outputs and start

Based on an analysis of the solution tailored to the client’s needs in the area of occupational medicine. With Canadian Medical, the client communicates with the client-care employee assigned to the client.


Training of workers

Canadian Medical trains responsible employees of the client in the process of organising the OMS agenda – appointment system, requisites of request forms, etc. Emphasis is placed on maximum simplicity and transparency of the processes.


Appointment system

An extraordinarily simple system based on a single telephone number of the client centre.

Benefits of cooperation with Canadian Medical

Comprehensive assurance of the OMS agenda
Company zone*
Nationwide coverage
Sufficient capacity of medical personnel
One contact person
Centralised setting of appointments
Uniform and transparent invoicing
Strong partner in the case of resolving extraordinary situations (work-related illness, RPHA inspection, infectious disease at the workplace, etc.)
Facilitation of the HR agenda (pre-setting of forms, schedule management, sending of invitations, reporting, consultation)

* In the course of 2022

Health. The greatest wealth.

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