Endocrinology and diabetology

Endocrinology and diabetology

Endocrinology is the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of the endocrine glands. Among these glands are the adrenal glands, gonads, pituitary gland (hypophysis), thyroid, parathyroid and pancreas. Due to a possible failure of these glands, they produce either a small surplus of hormones or vice versa. Accordingly, symptoms arise from either an increase or decrease of their function.

Endocrinology at Canadian Medical

Canadian Medical provides complex care to patients suffering from diabetes and disorders of the endocrine system. Cooperation between various medical teams at Canadian Medical allows for the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases as well as their associated complications. In case it is needed (for example for surgical procedures), we send our clients to proven specialized clinics that we cooperate with.

  • Comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for patients with diseases of the endocrine glands (especially the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands)
  • Sonography (ultrasound) of the thyroid and parathyroid
  • Indication of and ensuring a wide range of blood tests (to measure hormone levels)
  • Testing and treatment of conditions associated with the overproduction or decreased production of certain hormones, cutaneous androgen disorders, disorders related to climacterium

What endocrinological disorders are most commonly encountered?

Disorders of the function and structure of the thyroid gland are the most frequent problems we encounter. In such cases, we provide complete laboratory and ultrasound diagnostics, carrying out biopsies to sample thyroid tissue with a thin needle and providing follow-up care.

Further, a very common problem is osteoporosis, particularly concerning women following their menopause. All such problems are dealt with at Canadian Medical Osteology and Endocrinology practice.

Much less often, we encounter parathyroid problems or adrenal/pituitary disorders

A very common problem we encounter is the occurrence of polycystic ovary syndrome which is a common problem that we deal with. This particular disease is associated with an absence of menstruation, cessation of ovulation, infertility and hair growth in unusual places. We provide medical care for these female patients in cooperation with Canadian Medical gynecology practice.

Diabetes treatment at Canadian Medical

The aim of treating diabetes is to improve the prospects and further progression of the disorder. While providing treatment, we prefer an individual approach based on the diabetes type, patient's health condition, respecting the patient's needs and choosing a safe and optimal combination of treatment. We place considerable emphasis on changing the lifestyle, reducing body weight as well as increasing overall physical activity. In these aspects, we cooperate with nutritional specialists at our clinic.

We carry out screening for complications with all of our diabetes patients. When found and identified, we cooperate with other specialists within Canadian Medical including eye doctors (ophthalmologists), cardiologists, sonographers, neurologists and vascular specialists.

In cooperation with Canadian Medical gynecologists we have recently introduced specialized medical care aimed at pregnant women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

We provide a superior and individual approach to each client

At our clinic, each patient is allocated sufficient time to carry out a complex examination and the required consultation of the results. We explain the diagnosis to the patient and following consultation, we explain further treatment. Thanks to a precise planning process of individual visits, you do not have to wait for hours at the waiting rooms and instead book a particular time. While undergoing treatment, including long-term treatment, we monitor and book patient visits, always informing them through the Client Zone via their smart phone.

We will arrange follow-up specialist care outside of Canadian Medical

In the case of specialized diagnostic procedures such as MRIs, bone densitometry and others, we book our patients to specialized clinics outside of Canadian Medical. Should the patient require a highly-specialized approach, we can provide such services with clinics that we partner with here in Prague.  These include advanced cases of organ complications associated with diabetes such as proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR), diabetic foot syndrome, surgery of the thyroid, severe endocrine ophthalmopathy and others. 

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