General Surgery

General Surgery

Surgery is an essential medical speciality that treats mainly by mechanical acts with the help of hands, tools or devices during operations. Its focus is the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of surgical cases.

An essential part of surgery is general surgery which is complemented by a number of specialities. These are, among others, thoracic surgery, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, paediatric surgery, cardiac surgery and plastic surgery.

A surgical procedure is sometimes the only way to treat and is sometimes part of a complex therapy. Even many diseases which typically are solved by a traditional treatment may reach the stage of development, or in the case of complications, when it is necessary to start a surgical procedure.

Surgical procedures at Canadian Medical

General surgery

  • Treatment of open and closed injuries (sutures,  treatment of sprains, etc.)
  • Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (abscesses, pustules, inflammations)
  • Treatment of ingrown nails etc.
  • Treatment of chronic wounds (leg ulcers etc.) by the method of wet healing
  • Examination for abdominal pain, bowel movement impairment
  • Treatment of attached foreskin in pediatric patients
  • Removal of skin leasions, birthmarks, etc.
  • Removing (exstirpation) of subcutaneous tumors, cysts (lipomas, atheromas)
  • Ganglion Removal
  • Surgical treatment of scars

Procedures under general anesthesia (one-day surgery department at Waltrovka clinic)

  • Laparoscopic operations of the inguinal, umbilical and postoperative hernia
  • Laparoscopic removal of the gall bladder
  • Laparoscopic surgery for chronic inflammation of the appendix
  • Operation of large lipomas and so on.
  • Proctological procedures


  • Investigation and treatment of benign anal diseases  - hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery deals with a specialized diagnosis and treatment of inborn and developed defects, damages and deformities and treatment of new injuries and their consequences if they require the special procedures of plastic surgery. It deals with complicated injuries of the hands and face and treatment of their consequences and the treatment of amputation injuries such as replantation surgery procedures. It also deals with tumours, benign or malignant, affecting mainly the skin. It contributes to the care of burns. Another part of the speciality is cosmetic surgery.

  • Removal of skin lesions (moles, tumors, hemangiomas ..)
  • Exstirpation of lipomas, atheromas and other cystic formations
  • Removal of warts, removal of mollusks, fibromas
  • Ablation of nails (incl. partial), operations of ingrown nails and partial nail surgery
  • Removal of fibromas, eyelid cyst
  • Removal of xanthelasma of eyelids
  • Suture of torn earlobes( by earrings)
  • Excision of minor mucosal lesions in the oral cavity and on the lips
  • Operation of the trigger fingers
  • Operation of carpal ligament (canalis carpi syndrome)
  • Elimination of pre-cumulative growths in children (adjustment of earlobes), supernumerary fingers
  • Circumcision
  • Surgical treatment of scars

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