Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is a medical specialty focused on the diagnosis and (especially surgical) treatment of pathological conditions and injuries of spine across the spine’s full length including its associated anatomical areas adjacent to the spine – occiput and sacrum/pelvis.

Since the anatomical role of the spine is defined as a structure that serves as a mechanical axis of the human body as well as a structure that protects the spinal cord, the medical field borders somewhere between orthopedics and neurosurgery.  The most common problems spine surgery deals with include degenerative spine disorders (disc herniations and disc degeneration), vertebral fractures, tumors (in rare cases), spine infections/inflammations and spine deformities – and often a combination of more of the above. The treatment is often very complex in its nature and requires the cooperation of other medical specialities – such as radiodiology, neurology, physiotherapy and psychology. 

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