Podiatry is a branch of medicine which studies the foot, its anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, and also the right treatment of healthy as well as diseased feet. The diseases involve problems of joints, bones, skin, problems of perfusion or nails.

Podologic care at Canadian Medical

From childhood it is important for feet to have the right shape and function. Troubles that signal disorders of the feet can involve not only lower extremities but can reach further and cause back pain, headache, etc. Early prevention and treatment can reduce or eliminate such impacts.

Our podologic surgery offers:

  • making footprints in order to find out the current condition of a foot
  • evaluation of the prints by our expert
  • result notification
  • recommendation of further suitable procedures
  • selection of suitable shoes
  • recommendation of suitable special exercises
  • offer and design of customized orthopaedic insoles based on the concept of an expert

To order please contact our call centre on tel. no. +420 235 360 133 or sent us a completed order form.

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