Teeth whitening

Having beautiful white teeth is now a relatively easy task to accomplish with the help of teeth whitening. Canadian Medical offers numerous proven and safe methods of achieving a white smile.

The core idea behind teeth whitening lies in the effects of hydrogen peroxide contained within a whitening gel on pigments contained within the teeth, while existing fillings, dental crowns, dental implants are not whitened. It is therefore important co consider their changing in order to achieve the best teeth whitening results.

Teeth whitening at home or at the dental office?

Based on the requirements and the state of your teeth, it is possible to choose between in-office teeth whitening and home-based whitening. In simple terms, it can be said that 60 minutes of teeth whitening at the dental practice equals about  2–3 weeks of daily teeth whitening at home.

Whitening at the dental office

At Canadian Medical, we now carry out teeth whitening using a new and revolutionary BEYOND™ Polus™  Whitening Accelerator lamp. The procedure involves a controlled application of a special whitening gel which is then activated with a halogen lamp. The gel penetrates under the surface of the tooth and chemically breaks up unwanted pigments. All of the BEYOND™ Polus™ systems filter the source light to eliminate all UV rays, producing a cool light source.  This limits the heat the teeth are subjected to as well as possible enamel dehydration. As a result, sensitivity problems associated with other systems are no longer an issue.

What is the procedure like at the office?

First of all, we apply a protective cream to your lips, gently apply a special tool to keep your mouth optimally open and assess your tooth color based on a VITA scale. We then apply further protection to soft tissues and apply a special whitening gel. The whitening lamp is activated and we begin whitening your teeth. It usually takes between three to four 15 minute sessions. The Beyond Polus system allows adjusting the intensity and timing of the procedure. One of the side effects with some patients can be a feeling of having sensitive teeth. However, this feeling quickly disappears, namely within 24 hours or so. Following the teeth whitening procedure, it is essential to avoid drinks and foods that can color your teeth such as wine, colas, coffee, tea, ketchup, beetroot, curry, blueberries etc. and smoking for at least 1 week (2 weeks are ideal).

Whitening at home

For home whitening, we will first ensure that we take casts of your top and bottom jaw. From these casts, custom plastic forms are produced in the laboratory. You will apply whitening gel into these. Whitening at home is considerably more time-demanding than whitening at the dental office, but the patient has the option of regulating and controlling the desired effect. Whitening at home is financially less demanding than whitening at the dentist. However, to achieve the best possible result, patients should avoid dark-colored foods and drinks during the procedure as well as for an additional 1-2 weeks. This is often referred to as the “white diet.”

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