Stomatology for Children

Children and a visit to the dentist; a combination that can cause many problems. That is why we pay great attention and care in communicating with our young patients to make sure that they feel as good as possible when visiting our dental office, specifically our pediatric dentists.

The first visit is a friendly introduction to the practice, with the dentist and the nurses; children are wheeled around on a chair, use water guns and do things that are not usually associated with a visit to the dentist. We have a children’s corner available for our small patients, a small playground on our premises as well as Fredy, a purple dragon with teeth, who will explain to the children how they should be cleaning their teeth properly.

Complex care for children’s teeth

Children make up to one third of Canadian Medical patients. It is thanks to this that we truly have extensive experience and offer unrivaled complex care of your child’s teeth with the help of our professional pediatric dentists.

Our dental care for your child’s teeth includes

  • Consultation for parents (how to take care of your children’s teeth)
  • Preventative care (preventative check-ups, dental hygiene for children, fluoridation)
  • Treating tooth decay (dental caries, cavities), removal of baby teeth 
  • Orthodontic care (removable and fixed braces)
  • Treating trauma (injuries to the jaws and teeth, loose teeth or teeth lost from injury)
  • Anesthesia for children (treating the smallest patients with local anesthesia in the mouth or by applying intravenous anesthetics) 

What to do when it does not work?

Sometimes, despite the best efforts possible, treatment without the application of easing medical substances is simply not possible. It can be due to the age, uncontrollable fear of the young patient or due to the nature of the required medical procedure.  For these cases, we offer two options: treatment using analgosedatives, where the child is considerably subdued and usually remembers nothing from the treatment, and the use of the Etonox anesthetic gas, which can be used with children who are capable of cooperating to a degree.

Purple Fredy – Prevention is the key

A child should visit a dentist once every 6 months. The reality is often, unfortunately, quite different. Many parents go to a dentist at the stage when the child feels pain or something else is not correct, which is a mistake. Frequent dental care of children’s teeth is equally important as correct brushing methods. This early care builds the foundations for the health of one’s teeth later in life. Baby teeth affect significantly the placement and growth of second teeth.

When baby teeth are prematurely taken out, this can have a negative effect on the correct growth of the future tooth. It is therefore important to make sure that equal care and attention is paid to the baby teeth as well. This is why our dentists and dental hygienists take great care to explain to the children and their parents what correct dental care should look like. A great deal of help in this is offered by Fredy, who has large teeth and our pediatric dentist helps the children clean them with a very large orange toothbrush.

Preventive check-ups at schools and kindergartens

Canadian Medical offers preventive checks to schools and kindergartens in Prague. These checks take place directly at the premises of the educational institution that orders them. The check is painless and children tend to react to them better than when they have to visit a dentist with their parents. After the check, each little patient receives a summary of any tooth decay (dental caries, cavities) found, symptoms of incorrect dental hygiene or the need for orthodontic treatment.

We offer the following service:

  • The dentist arrives to the school/kindergarten at a pre-arranged time
  • The check is absolutely painless and only takes a couple of minutes
  • The preventive check is done through playing a game
  • The primary benefit is the avoidance of stress from a normal dentist visit
  • The nurse presents a summary for the parents following the check, which would include any necessary recommendations.

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