Dental treatment, for some people, carries along with it uncomfortable feelings, associations and with some, even panic and fear. Effective pain relief is therefore an inseparable part of modern dentistry.

Most of us already have experience with the classical anesthetic injection. There are however other methods available for you. If you are afraid of visiting the dentist, we offer other means of managing effective dental care without pain and stress.

Intravenous analgo-sedation

Analgo-sedation is a gentle method of limiting the perception of pain, also involving a certain type of lowered consciousness under the supervision of a professional anesthesiologist. The doctor applies the substance which lowers consciousness as well as a substance that suppresses pain. It is not uncommon for the patient to fall asleep during the procedure. This method is used primarily with children in pediatric dentistry who find it difficult to deal with or do not want to cooperate with the dentist. For a child’s sensitive organism, this method is a gentle one. Often, the children do not recall anything from the dental procedure.

Check-ups required for analgo-sedation

If you would like to have your child sedated for the treatment, please contact us. We will carefully explain the entire process to you and if needed, will arrange all required check-ups for your child to undergo. Prior to analgo-sedation, the child has to go through not only a dental check (pediatric dentist), but also one by a pediatrician.

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