MUDr. Petr Žáček, MBA

Head of physicians

Specialization: Paediatrics

Clinics: Waltrovka - Prague 5

Language skills: Czech English German

Curriculum Vitae



Faculty of Pediatrics, Charles University, Prague

Postgraduate Studies:

  • 1st degree attestation in Pediatrics           1989
  • 2nd degree attestation in Pediatrics          1993
  • MBA – AHCM  Čelákovice                       2010


  • Professional qualification in Pediatrics
  • Professional qualification as a General Practitioner for Children and Adolescents
  • Lead doctor – senior consultant of a medical facility


  • 1.9.1985 - 30.9.1986 (out of which 1.10.1985 - 30.9.1986 constituted basic military service) - OLÚ TRN Nová Ves pod Pleší, Department of Surgery  - secondary doctor   
  • 6.10.1986 - 15.2.1987 -  University Pediatric Hospital and Polyclinic, Černopolní 9 - Brno, Orthopedic practice  - secondary doctor   
  • 1.3.1987 - 31.10.1989 – Thomayer University Hospital, Vídeňská  800, Prague 4  - Krč, Pediatric Department  -  secondary doctor   
  • 1.11.1989 - 31.7.1993 - Bulovka University Hospital,  Budínova 2 - Prague 8, Pediatric Department - secondary doctor   
  • 1.7.1993 – 30.4.2010 – Homolka Hospital, Roentgenova 2 - Prague 5, Department of Pediatrics-  independent doctor and eventually the lead doctor
  • 1.1.2010 – 30.9.2016 - Program H plus s.r.o. -  Lead doctor of the Pediatric Department 

Membership in professional organizations:

  • Association of General Practitioners for Children and Adolescents (SPLDD ČR)
  • Czech Pediatric Society of J. E. Purkyně  

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