Restorative Dentistry

As the name itself implies, restorative dentistry aims to treat the tooth in such a way that would allow it to continue serving its purpose. Usually, this involves treating tooth decay (dental caries, cavities) or root canals.


The correct diagnosis is essential for restorative dentistry to be successful. For the accurate discovery of all (even hidden) problems, we make use of the panoramic OPG X-Ray machine, which offers the dentist a clear image of the bone tissues as well as the surrounding structures including teeth, nasal cavity, jaw cavities and joints.

What does the check-up and subsequent treatment look like?

We do the following:

  • Panoramic OPG X-Ray
  • If needed, an intraoral check with the xHD intraRTG
  • Treatment of early-stage tooth decay (dental caries, cavities) and remineralization of the teeth with ozonotherapy
  • Treating tooth decay, periodontitis and small surgical procedures with the Erbium laser
  • Identification and discovery of pathogens causing tooth and gum disease with a PCR scanner
  • Using the VELscope system to identify any malignant cancerous growth in the oral cavity
  • Treatment of root canals with the Reciproc NiTi device.

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