The treatment of root canals, otherwise referred to as endodontics has a considerable impact on the future fate of your teeth.

It is a key treatment, whereby a tooth that has died off as a result tooth decay (dental carries, cavity), inflammation or damage, can remain within the mouth. This is why our doctors use the most modern technologies to treat root canals ensuring that only the best root canal treatment is applied. These technologies are significantly more effective than the standard endodontic procedure. If required, we can also arrange for you to undergo microscopic endodontic treatment with our partner dentists.

What happens during an endodontic procedure?

The treatment involves thorough cleaning of the dental pulp (removal of unnecessary dead tissue) and its subsequent hermetic sealing by the endodontist. Long-term success of endodontic treatment is assured under the following conditions:

  • The root canal is cleaned from all possible undesired substances.
  • It is sterilized chemically or with ozone.
  • It is 3D hermetically sealed with a material ensuring constant sealing qualities.
  • The tooth is treated by prosthetics (artificial crown, composite model)
  • A tooth treated this way can serve its owner throughout the entire life.
  • Analysis of the dental root canals
  • The dentist first has to find out what the disposition of the tooth is. We measure the length of the root canal by using an advanced apex locator and by analyzing a digital x-ray image.
  • Thorough cleaning by using the most modern Reciproc NiTi technology

The effective cleaning of the root canal is a procedure that is relatively demanding for both the patient as well as the doctor. Thanks to the Reciproc NiTi device, which we use at CM, the subsequent treatment is safer, faster and more comfortable.

What are the benefits of the Reciproc NiTi device for patients?

Classic endodontic root canal treatment, without the use of Reciproc technology, would take approximately one hour and even with careful treatment, the procedure often results in perforation of the root or the breaking off of the medical tool in the root canal. With the help of Reciproc NiTi, which is part of the CM dental instrument inventory, the treatment is entirely different. The procedure is truly simpler and takes about half the time when compared to the classic treatment.

The system is a new generation device that presents a far faster and safer treatment. Until recently, a doctor had to use up to seven various tools to gain access to the root canal to clean it. These tools were prone to being overloaded or to breaking during the procedure, which could, in the worst cases lead to the loss of the entire tooth. A common problem of the old generation dental instruments was that the root canal would be blocked by tooth material as a result of drilling.

As opposed to the older generation devices, Reciproc can clean the root canal with one instrument only and can extend it to the required shape in a much easier way. It is also relatively easy to gain access to curved, thin or otherwise hard-to- access root canals. The nickel-titanium instrument is much sturdier and because of a newly introduced technology, root canals are no longer blocked by unwanted tooth material. The tool is designed to be used solely for one user and cannot be sterilized following a procedure – ensuring that its lifetime is controlled. The patient can rest assured that the doctor is using a brand-new, unused instrument.

Disinfection and filling

The effectiveness of treating tooth canals can be improved even further by using modern technologies involving disinfection using ozone or laser for more complicated cases.  After cleaning the canals, it is essential that they are hermetically sealed and filled so as to avoid bacteria entering the areas below it. Our dentists use the Thermafil method, which is a modern and clinically approved technique of filling and sealing dental root canals.

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