Simona Lazzari


Specialization: Gynecology

Clinics: AFI - Prague 6

Language skills: Czech French Italian

Happy mothers ready for birth, ready to enjoy motherhood and a pleasant cooperation.

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2002-2017 Director of the Prague branch of Studia pro ženy s.r.o.
  • 1996-2002 Maternity Leave
  • 1991-1996 Executive Assistant to the General Director of Čokoládovny a.s. (Danone)
  • 1989-1991 Pediatric nurse (beds), NPP
  • 1984-1991 Pediatric nurse at the pediatric department of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital


  • Pediatric nurse, Nursing school, field of study: pediatric nurse, Prague
  • Lactation counselor, Laktační liga 7.11.2004
  • Movement, social and psychological development instructor for infants, toddlers and preschool children, Vzdělávací zařízení Miroslav Matuška, Accredited by the Ministry of Education, 25.11.2005
  • Aromatherapy in the delivery room (birthing room), Hnutí za aktivní mateřství, 15.5.2006
  • Exercises for women during delivery, pregnancy and those with gynecological illnesses, NCO NZO Brno, Mgr. Hana Volejníková, 25.5.2007
  • Acupressure and its application by midwives, NCO NZO Brno, MUDr. Magdalena Weberová, 11.11.2007
  • Exercises during pregnancy and after birth, Eva Blahušová Wellness school, Prague, 27.3.2008
  • Nutritional counselor, Metabolic balance®, Prague, 11/2011
  • Physiotherapy procedures and methods during pregnancy and after delivery, Rehaspring centrum® s.r.o., PhDr.Ingrid Palaščáková Špringrová, Ph.D., 5.1.2013
  • Physiotherapy of children, Centrum komplexní péče, Prague, 28.3.2015
  • Kinesio taping, DexterAcademy, Prague, 4/2015

Book author


Author of concept and workshops


Media channel contributor


Conferences, congresses and symposiums:

  • State of nutrition of infants and young children in the Czech Republic, Laktační liga, Prague, 11.6.2005
  • "So that breastfeeding is successful", Jack Newman MD, FRCPC Bratislava 11.6.2006
  • Caring for a child, Promediamotion, Prague, 10.11.2006
  • Events prior to birth and their consequences, CENAP Brno, Terence DowlingM.A.PhB. B.A., 26.2.2007
  • Natural birth - congress, Unipa, Prague, 5/2007
  • Breasfeeding, pediatricians and family relationships, Robert SearsM.D., Bratislava, 30.9.2007
  • Nutrition of infants and young children, Laktační liga, Prague, 2.6.2007
  • The good and the bad of infant development, Unipa, Prague, MUDr Kleplová, 9.11.2007
  • Lactation and nutritional counseling, Laktační liga, Prague, 17.9.2008
  • Lactation and nutritional counseling, Laktační liga, Prague, 11.10.2008
  • Sexual and reproductive health, SPRSV, Prague, 8.12.2008
  • Global nutritional strategy of infants, young children and current trends, Laktační liga, Prague, 3.10.2009
  • Workshop - breastfeeding of premature babies, Laktační liga, Prague, 21.10.2009
  • Nutrition of infants and young children, Laktační liga, Prague, 29.5.2010
  • Breastfeeding of premature babies, Laktační liga, Prague, 16.9.2010
  • Congress of general practitioners for children and adolescents, ECC, Prague, MUDr. Zdenka Vlachová, 13.11.2010
  • Laktační liga conference - Lactation consulting and more, Laktační liga, Prague, 2.6.2012
  • Conference - Comprehensive female care, Promediamotion, Prague, 30.11.2012,
  • Laktační liga conference - Lactation consulting and more, Laktační liga, Prague, 25.5.2013
  • Laktační liga conference -  World Breastfeeding Day, Laktační liga, Prague, 17.9.2013
  • Conference- Self-sufficiency, pain, incontinence and dangers during a woman's life, Promediamotion, Prague, 29.11.2013,
  • Laktační liga conference - Nutrition of infants and young children, Lactation consulting with an active participation as a presenter (Mistakes and misunderstandings causing complications to newborn breastfeeding mothers), Laktační liga, Prague, 11.10.2014
  • New trends in the care for newborns and infants, Česká asiciace sester, Prague, 5.11.2014
  • Conference - Food Blok, První česká foodies konference, Prague, 21.3.2015



  • Abilities of newborns after birth and the child's development in the first year, NCO NZO Brno, PhDr. Ilona Špaňhelová, 9.4.2005
  • Physiotherapy  - exercise during pregnancy and after delivery, Mgr. Kovaříková Zuzana, 23.9.2006
  • Aromatherapy in terms of caring for women during pregnancy and delivery, Dr. Vivian Lunny, 3.11.2006
  • Childbirth reborn, Michel Odent, Prague 24.4.2013
  • Secrets of the female pelvic floor, Škola pánevního dna, Prague, 2/2015
  • Physiotherapy of children, Centrum komplexní péče, Prague, 28.3.2015
  • Kinesio Taping, DexterAcademy, Prague, 4/2015

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