The future of health is in digitization


06. 10. 2023

Canadian Medical is built on client service and flexibility. According to Vítězslav Havliš, Head of Sales, the key to success is investing in modern technologies.

Client satisfaction comes first

Technological advancements and changing patient preferences require a significant modernisation of healthcare. "We primarily base our success on client satisfaction. That's why we take pride in the modernisation of our clinics and medical centres, in which we continuously invest to ensure we stay ahead of the game. We have replaced several devices with newer and improved models. Furthermore, we are also modernising the interior of our clinics to ensure our clients feel as comfortable as possible," says Vítězslav Havliš, Head of Sales at Canadian Medical, which has significantly expanded its portfolio of services over the last year and this year.

Comprehensive care with a wide range of expertise

For instance, the Waltrovka clinic has expanded its gynaecological scope by adding a specialised colposcopy clinic. In the realm of day surgery, Canadian Medical now offers new treatments in gynaecology and obstetrics. Additionally, new procedures have been introduced in the fields of orthopaedics, urology, angiology, vascular surgery, general surgery, and paediatric surgery. Starting in March 2023, the Park Clinic in Prague 11 will provide the option of lumbar punctures (cerebrospinal fluid collection) using an atraumatic needle. Clients do not need to schedule an appointment at the hospital and can return home immediately after the procedure.

This year, a significant milestone was the opening of a new dermatology center. It offers comprehensive and above-standard care to patients, from prevention to the treatment of skin and venereal diseases. "We are very pleased that this year we have succeeded in expanding the spectrum of healthcare services within the Pankrác House clinic in Prague 4. The derma-center includes services such as moles and skin cancer screening and cosmetic consultations. The medical team also focuses on corrective dermatology, dermatosurgical procedures, and treatments using CO2 laser. We also perform chemical peels, injection lipolysis, and mesotherapy at the derma center. The environment of the center is pleasant, with a sensitive approach and discretion towards clients," describes Vítězslav Havliš.

Client-Doctor communication is key

However, the future of healthcare doesn't rely solely on the modernisation of equipment. The approach of doctors to clients/patients is crucial. "We believe that the future of Czech healthcare should also involve the globalisation of care. In Canadian Medical, a significant group of clients comes from abroad, so all our employees who interact with clients speak at least one international language fluently. In addition to improved accessibility, we also strive for clients to remain in continuous contact with their doctor, and especially in cases of complex diagnoses, for different specialties to collaborate smoothly. Telemedicine is the most ideal tool in both cases," says Vítězslav Havliš.

Quick and convenient contact through the the app

Canadian Medical is already seeing tangible results in implementing modern digital procedures. The healthcare client platform, myCANADIAN, for instance, achieved the 3rd place in the prestigious Internet Effectiveness Awards 2022 in the Mobile Application category. "During the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed an increased interest in more accessible doctor consultations. Therefore, we made an effort to accommodate clients as well as doctors by creating the myCANADIAN application. Thanks to it, clients have easy access to contact the clinic and, most importantly, the option to schedule remote consultations. The app also allows clients to book examinations online and connect with a doctor 24/7. Many clients also appreciate the ability to store e-prescriptions directly in the app, request a prescription  renewal or to access their medical records from past examinations all in one place," explains Havliš.

Client comfort as top priority

According to the Commercial Director, the company plans to continue with the current trend into the future. Client comfort will be a top priority. "The fundamental pillars on which we build are above-standard care and flexibility in our day to day operation. Each one of our doctors has a personal approach to the patient and strives to plan individual visits according to their specific needs. In the coming months, we would like to continue introducing the latest equipment into practice and expanding specialised facilities within our clinics," concludes Vítězslav Havliš about Canadian Medical.

This article was created for EURO magazine.

Vítězslav Havliš, Head od Sales at Canadian Medical

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