Pain is an important signal. Listen to your body


15. 08. 2023

Each of us has a different genetic makeup. The limits of what we can do also differ. However, there are universal rules that apply to everyone: do not overload your body, listen to long-lasting pain and take care to ensure satisfaction in life. These are the best things we can do to help prevent illness and musculoskeletal and other problems. What should women in particular pay attention to?

Many women suffer from bone, joint and muscle pain over the course of their lives. Such pain is often associated with age and changes in the female body. Adolescent girls experience problems connected with the change in their bodily constitution. Larger breasts put strain on the cervical and thoracic spine. “Regular weight training, physiotherapy and appropriate breast support help to overcome pain. Later, it's possible to undergo breast-reduction plastic surgery, which may be covered by insurance if it is recommended by an orthopaedist,” explains orthopaedic surgeon MUDr. Šimon Kybal, chief surgeon and head of orthopaedics at Canadian Medical.

During pregnancy and the post-partum period, problems caused by rapid changes in body weight and levels of the hormone relaxin are typical. “These include back, hip and foot-arch pain. Conservative treatment, i.e. physiotherapy, is again helpful in such cases. Then there is nothing else to do but to patiently get through this difficult period,” says MUDr. Kybal. It is also good to remember the golden rule – rest whenever possible and do not put too much strain on your body.

Athletic activities that are good for the mind and for the joints

Do you like doing deadlifts? If so, be careful not to end up with pain in your lumbar spine and SI joint. Long runs on unsuitable surfaces will not do you any good either. “I see patients in my office with knee pain, hip pain and, less frequently, ankle pain. These problems are usually resolved with supplements containing glucosamine/chondroitin sulphate, physical therapy and, mainly, a change in athletic load.” For example, running can be replaced by an all-round activity that does not put strain on the joints and sports that strengthen the cardiovascular system. “Many people confuse running with mental hygiene, which should go in depth. I sometimes get the impression that people today have decided to run away from themselves,” says MUDr. Kybal.

Another specific aspect among women is transverse arch collapse. Genetics plays a role here, as does inappropriate footwear. In particular, frequently wearing heels can often result in bunion surgery.

Later in life, many problems are caused by osteoporosis, when bone tissue becomes more fragile due to the loss of oestrogen. A healthy lifestyle, sufficient exercise, a varied diet and exposure to the sun can help in this case. "If necessary, we can also supplement with medications containing calcium, vitamin D, collagen and other substances that promote the storing of calcium in the bones. When it comes to surgery, I choose it only when I am convinced that it will give the patient better quality of life and its risks are worth taking," says MUDr. Kybal.

Which sports are appropriate for women?

“I recommend all sports in which one feels good in all aspects over the long term, primarily those associated with smooth movements without shocks and impacts, and those that make you sweat, increase your heart rate and release happiness hormones. In moderation, of course. It’s important to be aware of your body. Pain as a signal has evolved over millions of years and has important informational value. We should not ignore it for long periods of time," MUDR. Kybal concludes.  


MUDr. Šimon Kybal, Chief physician of Orthopaedics at Canadian Medical.

This article was prepared in collaboration with the magazine Heroine.

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