Dr. Tomáš Chmelensky: catching a cold can be more serious than you think


24. 02. 2023 Urology

The winter season is full of health risks, from the more extreme ski slope-related injuries to the seemingly banal risk of catching a cold/a chill. But even a small cold can turn into more than just a mild inconvenience.  Colds, sore throat or tonsillitis, but also urological problems can become very troublesome, especially if we underestimate them, and leave them untreated.

Doctor Tomas Chmelenský, MD, head of urology at Canadian Medical, working at the YMCA clinic agrees with this, "Catching a cold can indeed play a significant role in problems related to chronic prostatitis, often causing an exacerbation of an already present illness, worsening symptoms related to the underlying illness. 

This manifests in patients as perineal pain, problems with urination and fevers," he warns. "Colds can also contribute to inflammation of the lower urinary tract in women, especially through the reduced blood supply and easier transfer of bacteria," adds MUDr. Chmelenský.

Don’t postpone your doctor's visit

But how do you know that it is a more serious problem, one that won't simply go away on its own? After all, a lot of people do go to their doctor with "just a cold"… "For unpleasant or unusual conditions related to the lower or upper urinary tract, I recommend not to stall and make an immediate appointment with a urologist," emphasises doctor Tomas Chmelensky. This is especially true, he says if you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms such as frequent urination, burning, cutting or having to get up during the night to go to the toilet.


The above-mentioned problems can come on suddenly and unexpectedly. But as in many other cases, urological diseases can be prevented to some extent. "The basic prevention is to see your urologist regularly," says MUDr. Chmelenský. "Otherwise, in general, routine daily care of the uropoietic tract is crucial. And the most basic prevention is to ensure you are getting enough water. The right amount is easy to know: urine should be very light in colour," he adds and again warns about being careful and not catching a cold.

Treatment and equipment

Canadian Medical has three urology outpatient clinics that offer a wide range of modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and provide a comprehensive spectrum of urological care, from basic physical examination methodologies to full instrumentation and functional testing.

"The most common procedures and examinations at our outpatient clinic are ultrasound, cystoscopy, bladder or prostate biopsies, as well as frenuloplasty and vasectomy," says Tomáš Chmelenský emphasising the importance of preventive examinations. "The Czech Republic is one of the most burdened countries in Europe and the world in terms of cancer epidemiology. Cancer takes the lives of 27,000 people every year. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in our country."

Biofeedback - newly at Canadian Medical

In addition to the procedures and examinations mentioned by MUDr. Chmelensky, Canadian Medical has a new product: Biofeedback, a biofeedback mind-body exercise mediated by a visual or acoustic visualisation of the pelvic floor activity, where the pressure exerted is captured on a monitor using a curve. The aim of the treatment is to learn to relax the pelvic floor and engage the relevant muscles. This exercise is suitable for people with a problem with urinary incontinence, people with post-operative difficulties, and women after childbirth or during menopause.

In addition, the clinic is also dedicated to paediatric urology, where it offers not only complete curative and preventive outpatient care and diagnosis but also the provision of eventual surgery, including post-operative care.


The article was written in collaboration with The Business Soirée magazine.

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