Dental implants are a modern and highly esthetic solution to having lost your own teeth. They can be used to treat virtually any dental defect.

The implant can serve as an artificial root on which a crown is attached, but also as the base for a dental bridge or a removal prosthetic. The implant also works as a natural root in naturally transferring pressure on the jaw and ensures that bone matter is not lost as a result of no longer having natural teeth. In suitable cases, implants can be used for a full reconstruction of all teeth. In such a case, the top jaw has to have 6-8 implants installed and the bottom jaw must have 5-6 implants, all completed by fixing a dental bridge.

Cutting-edge technology and high quality materials

Canadian Medical dental office uses Astra and Nobel implants, which have tens of years of research, development and trials behind them – offering clients the highest possible quality and ensuring that some of the best dental implantology dentistry has to offer is available to our patients. At Canadian Medical, implants are applied by MUDr. et MUDr. Karel Klíma, PhD., who has extensive experience with implantology from VFN, the jaw surgery department of 1. LF UK (Charles University) in Prague.

What the procedure is like

The process of implanting can take place either under full intravenous sedation which we highly recommend or local anesthetic. If you undergo analgosedation, you will further spend a pleasant hour with us while we make sure that the substance has worn off properly.

If you do not have enough bone left for the implantation of an artificial titanium root, we can “pour” more in (we do this both under local anesthetics and with intravenous analgosedation).

The implants usually last for the entire life of a patient. It is important however to visit a dental hygienist, who with the help of special tools designed for the use on implants will be able to remove plaque and tartar settled under the gums around the implant in a way that the implant areas remain constant, clean and without any inflammation.

We offer a ten year guarantee on our titanium implants with frequent dental hygienist visits. The guarantee requires that the patient follow some rules as well. This involves a medical treatment plan, frequent check-ups, dental hygienist visits every six months and overall good dental hygiene.

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