MDDr. Zdeněk William Pelc, MBA

Specialization: Dentistry

Clinics: AFI - Prague 6

Language skills: Czech English

Curriculum Vitae

Education, internships, conferences:

  • 2004– 2010: Charles University 1st Medical Faculty Prague – dentistry
  • 12/2010: Surgery in outpatient practice, 1st theme – MUDr. Houba
  • 12/2010: Surgery in outpatient practice, 2nd theme – MUDr. Ščigel
  • 1/2011: Fillings in restorative dentistry - frontal section – MUDr. Peřinka
  • 3/2011: Endodontics – current trends – MUDr. Netolický
  • 4/2011: Fillings in restorative dentistry – lateral section – MUDr. Mach
  • 5/2011: Hygiene regulations in dental practice – MUDr. Gojišová
  • 10/2011: Fixed prosthetics and materials for fixed prosthetics – MUDr. Brandejs
  • 11/2011: Removable prosthetics and materials for removable prosthetics – MUDr. Brandejs
  • 11/2012: Fixed prosthetics today – MUDr. Petr Hajný
  • 1/2013: 20 years’ experience in the treatment of root canals – Dr. Thomas Peters


  • 7/2010–2/2012: Dental Surgery, ArbesDent, Prague 5
  • 3/2012– to date: Canadian Medical Care, Prague 6

Membership in professional associations:

  • Member Czech Dental Chamber
  • Member Regional Dental Chamber for Prague 6
  • Associated articles

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