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11. 06. 2019

As a cosmetic and therapeutic method, plasmatherapy represents a natural, economical and safe way to regenerate and revitalize skin cells, and hence to rejuvenate the skin. The main advantage of this method is the fact that the body does not receive any artificial substances. The method consists of the application of material obtained from the patient's own blood and therefore there is no risk of subsequent complications.

What is plasmatherapy used for?

Plasmatherapy is used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Medical indications include especially the correction of atrophic or hypertrophic scars and treatment of keloid scars (hypertrophy of fibrous tissue). The method can be used on scars following burns, and great success is achieved in therapy of increased hair loss and alopetic foci, i.e. the bald areas which occur in the scalp and beard. Furthermore, plasmatherapy can be used in the treatment of chronic wounds and crural ulcers.

In the framework of cosmetic corrections, so-called plasma lifting is especially concerned when plasmatherapy is applied to the face, which results in visible rejuvenation of the skin and gradual regeneration of the hypodermis.  This method can be used for the treatment of fine wrinkles, circles under the eyes, for correction of the nasolabial folds, and for lifting the mouth corners or shaping the chin. This method can be used for modelling the shape of the ear lobes.

What is the background of this procedure?

Plasmatherapy uses growth factors contained in plasma, which is applied into the skin. The growth factors take effect both on production of collagen fibres, which strengthen the skin, and on fibroblasts, which produce collagen and support development of hyaluronic acid, which is a filling material in the skin.

What is the procedure like?

It is important to note that no preparation is needed. Blood is collected from a patient, centrifugated and red cells are separated from plasma. Based on the indication plasma should be administered using an injection either just under the skin or into various depths of the skin. Before the procedure some areas can be treated with anaesthesiological cream, which makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes.

What are the advantages of this method?

The advantage is that a substance from the patient's own body is used, and therefore the patient does not receive any synthetic products. The method is very well tolerated by the body and is highly safe. Plasmatherapy is suitable for cosmetic indications also in those patients who are afraid of filling material but despite that would like to have their wrinkles corrected. By means of plasmatherapy they can see what the cosmetic effect could look like following application of the filling material, and find out what options they have, and consider whether they want the filling material or not.

Can any undesirable effects occur following the procedure?

The punctures can be - in some parts of the face - especially in the lips and chin - slightly painful. The skin can be slightly swollen and red at the site of the application, which lasts till the next day. Complications can involve haematomas (bruising), which are absorbed in one to two weeks. An allergic reaction is very rare.

What visible results of plasmatherapy can a patient obtain?

As for the therapy - the scars are gradually flattened following administration of plasma, crural ulcers are healed much faster, new hair grows in the alopetic foci and hair loss is stopped following diffusional alopecia, etc.

When does the effect occur following the therapy?

The effect following plasmatherapy depends on the indication. If hyperplastic (prominent) scars are concerned, the effect will not be seen immediately but it will be apparent readily in atrophic (shrunk) scars. Excellent effects can be achieved in a cosmetic indication, e.g. in sagging skin in the face that is rejuvenated following plasmatherapy and the patient immediately blossoms. As with the case of the circles under the eyes the patient is satisfied following the procedure - even though some signs of the procedure are visible, the effect is immediate.

Is the effect of plasmatherapy long-lasting?

Plasmatherapy must be repeated. It depends on the indication but mostly it should be repeated after one month. In cosmetic indications after one, three and six months. If the application is performed regularly the effect of plasmatherapy due to a cosmetic indication is maintained for six months.

In which cases is the method unsuitable or contraindicated?

Plasmatherapy is not recommended in patients with acute infection, chronic liver disease, a lower amount of platelets or impairment of formation of blood, or in patients who take blood thinning medicines and systemic medication. The contraindications of the procedure include any type of skin inflammation or cold sores.

Did you know that...

...the effects of plasma were used for the first time in 1997 in stomatology to increase osteogenesis (production of bone) and to support the healing of dental implants? Apart from the healing of surgical wounds such as crural ulcers or bedsores the effects of plasma are used today in sports medicine.

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