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Vacation with Children: What You Should Not Miss in Your First Aid Kit


13. 07. 2018

The time for summer vacation is here. It's a time of peace, relaxation and well-deserved rest. Are you planning to go to the sea, hiking in the mountains or simply look forward to pleasant walks? Here are some of the items you should consider having in you first aid kit.


Medication to relieve from pain and fever

When buying analgesics and antipyretics, you should consult the pharmacist. Choose the medication correct for your child's age in the form of suppositories (for infants), syrups (for toddlers) or tablets. It is also important to also check the child's weight as medication is prescribed per kilo of weight for a period of 24 hours. Syrups are sold in many forms and in many flavors (strawberries, raspberries, orange). 

Eye, nose and ear drops

At the pharmacy, you can get advice in choosing the correct nose, ear and eye drops which are available over-the-counter. In case of puss discharge from the ear, do not use drops and immediately seek medical help from a doctor. 

Diarrhea and rehydration

Prior to purchase, medication for diarrhea-related illnesses should be consulted with a pharmacist. Dehydration is an undesirable state which can have serious implication on a child's health, especially when it comes to small children. This is why oral rehydration is essential and should never be underestimated. 

Medication for nausea

When traveling by car, airplane, bus or boat, you can give your child medication against nausea. 

Antihistamines for allergy sufferers

Medication for allergies should be consulted with your allergologist. However, there are also antihistamine options which are available over-the-counter. Once the symptoms occur, you can buy the medication at the pharmacy as a first choice option prior to visiting a doctor. 

Injuries and cuts

You should also equip your first aid kid with disinfectants and do not forget to  include dressing materials (pillow patches, dressing and cellulose patch squares). Iodine disinfectants are very effective disinfectants, but iodine can potentially cause allergic reactions. This is why parents should choose the right type of disinfectants which can be bought in many forms such as sprays, solutions or creams. 

Skin care, exposure to the sun and insect bites

Children can be somewhat protected from insect bites by using repellents. At the pharmacy, you can purchase repellents against mosquitoes and ticks. If you would prefer not to use the spray form, you can also purchase a protective emulsion (liquid) which you can apply directly on the child's skin. You can protect your child's skin from the sun by using the appropriate sunscreen formulated specially for children. The most suitable creams should have an SPF rating of 40 to 50.  Do not forget to also apply sunscreen when your children are in the shadow. Apply the cream regularly, at least every three to four hours. The protective layer does not last for the entire day. Small children should never be subjected to direct sunlight. 

A complete first aid kit available at our pharmacy at The Park

For your comfort and to save you time, you can pick-up a first aid kid with the above items at the Canadian Medical Pharmacy at Chodov (V Parku 2308/8, Prague 4). Our qualified pharmacists are ready to help you determine exactly what you should bring with you for your chosen vacation. The pharmacy is open Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 18:00. On Friday from 08:00 to 16:30. 

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