One-day surgeries are getting increasingly popular


19. 05. 2024

Life is getting faster, our to-do lists are getting longer, and now, more than ever, time is money. No wonder we are witnessing the growing popularity of the new trend of one-day surgeries. It deals with planned surgical procedures, and allows for treatment with a minimally invasive approach, eliminating the need for long-term hospitalization. Let's have a look at the Canadian Medical Waltrovka Clinic in Prague, a facility offering a wide range of procedures. Among the fields where one-day surgery is applicable are general surgery, gynaecology, orthopedics, urology, and paediatric surgery.

Quick and minimally invasive

The client comes in for surgery in the morning, and leaves to go home, all within 24 hours. For some types of surgeries, patients can leave immediately after local anesthesia, or after a short rest following general anesthesia. This is possible thanks to the use of modern and minimally invasive procedures, as well as gentle anesthesia that do not burden the body.

“The main advantage of a one-day surgery is a quick return to normal life, including work. At the Waltrovka Clinic, a team of experienced professionals with years of practice take care of the clients. Highly qualified nurses are part of the team, and, together with the doctors, they form a well-coordinated team from which the patient benefits the most. We value a professional and human approach. Discretion and language proficiency of the entire staff are also par for the course,” explains Radim Stein, the manager of operations at the Canadian Medical Waltrovka Clinic.


Suitable for planned surgeries

A one-day surgery is suitable for patients undergoing planned operations. The most common medical fields include:

  • General Surgery: hernia surgery, gallbladder, appendix, hemorrhoids, removal of tumors
  • Orthopaedics: joint arthroscopy, reconstructive joint arthroscopy, carpal tunnel, forefoot surgery
  • Vascular Surgery: varicose vein surgery
  • Gynaecology: surgery of female organs, not only plastic and aesthetic gynaecology, but also diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, surgical treatment of fertility disorders, removal and insertion of IUD, Hysteroscopy, cervical conization, polyps removing, laparoscopic sterilisation
  • Urology: foreskin preservation procedures, circumcisions, vasectomy, frenuloplasty, water hernia plastic surgery, varicocele, spermatocele
  • Paediatric Surgery: surgery of paediatric patients – hernia plastic surgery, water hernia, varicocele, undescended testicles, foreskin preservation procedures, circumcisions, removal of tumors

A modern trend is laparoscopy.

Currently, most organs in the abdominal cavity, such as the gallbladder, hernia, and appendix, are commonly operated on laparoscopically. It is considered a very gentle and safe diagnostic and therapeutic surgical method. A laparoscopic procedure means less stress to the client, shorter recovery and work disability, less post-operative pain, and, last but not least, a smaller scar. The minimally invasive procedure and short hospital stay eliminate the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Above-standard care at the Canadian Medical Waltrovka Clinic

At Waltrovka Clinic, one-day surgical procedures are performed by experienced specialists in two modern and state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary operating rooms. In the inpatient section, they offer hotel-type single rooms that are above standard, as well as one double room. Patients have privacy in their rooms, with standard amenities including Wi-Fi, as well as their own bathroom, shower, and TV.

Paediatric surgery

Paediatric surgery is also a spacialisation of Canadian Medical's Waltrovka facility, and children are a very important group for the clinic. Such surgeries are only allowed take place in facilities that are appropriately equipped (both technically and in terms of personnel) – conditions which the clinic at Waltrovka meets. Care for children requires perfect coordination between the surgeon and the parents. The operation is performed by a paediatric surgeon, in collaboration with a paediatric anesthesiologist. For paediatric patients, their hospitalization is a greater burden than the actual surgical procedure.  They stay in a foreign environment, must adhere to hospital routines, and often get bored. An experienced and empathetic team, as well as a pleasant environment tailored for children, helps them better cope with the operation and stay. At Waltrovka, they approach children with great caution and care. During treatment, modern and age-appropriate educational tools are used. Among other things, each paediatric patient is greeted with a teddy bear on their bed, on which the doctor then explains what the little patient can expect. The presence of parents throughout the treatment is standard practice.

Making an appointment, and after

How do you make an appointment? And what should you, as a patient, expect?
“After showing interest in a non-urgent procedure, the client is first scheduled for a consultation with a doctor, who will choose the most suitable method of operation based on their current health condition. Together, they will decide on a tailored treatment plan. We put emphasis on an individual approach and the patient's current health condition, including long-term monitoring with the “Quality of life after surgery” protocol,” explains Stein. “All our care is in line with the international IAAS criteria for day care.”

Subsequently, the operation date is planned together with the coordinator, and the client then undergoes all necessary pre-operative examinations. The client arrives on the day of the operation in the morning and is accommodated in a premium room. After the operation and an assessment of the patient's overall health condition, they are discharged to their home environment as soon as possible. Throughout the recovery period, the client stays in touch with the doctor for planned check-ups, as well as any needed health-related consultations.

The Canadian Medical Waltrovka Clinic has contracts with all Czech health insurance companies, and surgical care is available to all clients with Czech health insurance. Clients with foreign insurance are also accepted on a direct billing and self-pay basis.

In case of interest, please contact our client line at 222 300 300.

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