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19. 05. 2024

Canadian Medical clients with the GOLD and PLATINUM membership programmes are now entitled to Včelka premium home healthcare, thanks to we are expanding our services with the addition of nursing care in the home environment.

Včelka home care is part of the EUC healthcare group, the biggest provider of outpatient medical care in the Czech Republic. The premium care consists in a larger amount of time dedicated to clients beyond the scope of care paid for by public health insurance. Care is provided seven days a week, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays, according to the client’s individual needs. Care is provided by qualified personnel licensed to perform the respective procedures.

Home healthcare is provided on the basis of a doctor’s recommendation, most commonly to:

  • patients following surgical procedures
  • chronically or terminally ill patients whose medical and psychological condition require regular long-term care
  • persons following a stroke, with multiple sclerosis complicated by diabetes, senility or neurological dementia, COPD or Parkinson’s disease
  • persons with full or partial paralysis, severe mental illness, immunodefi ciency, chronic pain
  • persons dependent on tube feeding, with stomas and/or indwelling catheters

Scope of premium healthcare

  • Gold membership programme: entitlement to 20 visits by a premium nurse per year
  • Platinum membership programme: entitlement to 30 visits by a premium nurse per year
  • within one request form, part of the home healthcare can be used as premium home healthcare and part as standard home healthcare (without an increase of the period of care provision)

Conditions for using premium home healthcare

  • doctor’s recommendation
  • the client’s health condition requiring a home care
  • Canadian Medical client with the Gold and Platinum membership programme

Examples of nursing procedures performed

  • comprehensive nursing care for acute and chronic wounds
  • dressing of all types of stomas
  • rehabilitative nursing – mobilisation of patients following surgical procedures
  • administration of insulin
  • administration of medical therapy (e.g. intramuscular, subcutaneous, oral)
  • collection of biological material
  • administration of infusion therapy intramuscular, subcutaneous
  • nursing care for patients with central access
  • nursing care for permanent urinary catheter, including male catheterisation
  • administration of oxygen therapy
  • comprehensive nursing care for patients in the terminal stage
  • nursing care focused on monitoring physical functions, O₂ saturation, hydration, pain monitoring, fluid balance

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