Echocardiography examination of adults


05. 01. 2015

At CMC, we offer the option of examining adult patients using a special ultrasound device intended to diagnose congenital and acquired heart defects and diseases of any kind.

The specialized echocardiography examination of adults includes:

  • 2D echocardiography,
  • M-mode echocardiography,
  • Pulse and continuous Doppler echocardiography,
  • Color Doppler mapping,
  • A functional echocardiography evaluation (stenotic valves gradients flow, heart valve regurgitation flow, systolic and diastolic ventricular function and more)
  • A specialized examination of the global and local myocardial functions, including myocardial synchrony (CRT).

Who is this examination intended for?

This examination is intended primarily for patients who have a confirmed diagnosis of congenital heart disease or are suspected to be suffering from it. Further, it is intended for patients who are suspected to be suffering from heart disease and experience problems with the circulation system, suffer from high blood pressure, have diabetes or other diseases that would require the cardiovascular functions to be evaluated.

Who can book an examination?

We examine clients of CMC as well as others who we do not provide medical care to. If the person is a not a client of our clinic, it is always best to have a medical report with you from your physician. Naturally, we also offer the option of booking an appointment without such documents based on your own request.

Examination process

The actual examination at the practice takes some 20 minutes, is non-invasive and requires no prior preparation. The results are known to the client immediately following an examination.

Follow-up treatment and care

In case it is needed, we will ensure that our clients receive appropriate and specialized follow-up treatment at some of the best cardiology centers in the Czech Republic.

Booking an appointment

For a cardiovascular examination, you can book a visit on + 420 235 360 133Information about the price of the examination is available through our call center.

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