20 years of Canadian Medical


30. 10. 2018

Our history


Establishment of Canadian Medical Care

In 1998, MUDr. Barbara Taušová, MBA, established the Canadian Medical Care clinic. The clinic located at the Veleslavín chateau had four practices, five doctors, one nurse and treated approximately 25 patients each day. "The beginnings of Canadian Medical reach back to 1995. Back then, doctors from Toronto arrived to Prague and established a small clinic which was operated in line with Canadian standards, asking me to cooperate with them. Their approach differed in the extent of competencies of general practitioners, their communication abilities or in the ways in which they treated their patients and colleagues. Eventually, these doctors returned home to Canada, but I decided that I wanted to continue in what we began together, establishing Canadian Medical Care, which was inspired by my Canadian colleagues' approach" recalls founder MUDr. Barbara Taušová, MBA.


Opening of The Park clinic

In 2005, we employed approximately 30 doctors, had eight practices and several thousand patients. To improve access to medical care, we opened a new branch in Prague 4, further expanding the available number of specializations.



Expansion of The Park clinic

In 2010, we expanded the clinic at The Park by adding 4 further practices.


Entry of EUC Group 

In 2011, we became a part of the EUC Group, which to date represents the largest private provider of outpatient care in the Czech Republic.



Quality certificate

In 2011, as the first private outpatient facility, we gained a quality certificate from the Czech Accreditation Committee.



Canadian Medical Pharmacy

We opened a new, large and beautiful pharmacy at The Park.



Opening of the AVIATICA branch

In 2017, the AVIATICA clinic opened with three practices as well as the Center of Special Care for Children.



Canadian Medical

In 2017, we rebranded and Canadian Medical Care became simply Canadian Medical.



WALTER clinic with inpatient care services

The opening of the WALTER clinic with two surgery rooms significantly expanded the scope of our services. We carry out planned and unplanned procedures along with the associated inpatient care services at the quality our clients expect. 



Opening of the HADOVKA clinic

In 2018, we opened the Hadovka clinic which also houses our Mental Health Center, offering psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services.



Relocation into the AFI Vokovice building

In the fall of 2018, the Veleslavín clinic has relocated into the newly constructed AFI Vokovice building. The historical building of the chateau where CM has been operating for the past 20 years no longer met the growing requirements and expectations of modern medical care. 



  • 5 clinics
  • outpatient and inpatient care
  • 50 000 treatments each year 
  • 100 doctors
  • 34 specializations
  • 43 practices
  • 2 surgery rooms
  • 9 above-standard inpatient rooms
  • 1 pharmacy


MUDr. Barbara Taušová, MBA: "I believe that the foundation of our success rests in the fact that it has always been very important for us to take care of a patient in the best way possible covering all necessary matters - medical, organizational and human."


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