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Radiography (X-ray)

Radiography (X-ray)

X-ray method (RTG) uses X-radiation for skiagraphic images for diagnostic purposes. Skiagraphics (classical x-ray image) is a method of production of images of human tissues using different values of absorption of a bundle of x-rays when penetrating various tissues.

The produced image enables to assess internal structure of the examined part of the body and any injuries that may exist. This examination is carried out using x-ray devices, with X-radiation penetrating through the patient´s body and its weakened bundle falling on the display medium.

The examination is carried out exclusively upon MD´s request – presentation of MD´s written request is needed.

X-ray examinations in Canadian Medical

  • x-ray examination using modern skiagraphic devices
  • native images of the skeleton and soft tissues in digital display
  • orthopantomograph (OPG panoramatic dental device) – high-quality panoramatic projections of both jaws (all teeth with a single exposition) and jaw joints
  • digital intraoral x-ray (in every stomatologic surgery) – for display of one or more teeth (8 teeth per exposition at maximum).
  • emphasize on the minimum radiation exposition of the client for  getting the maximum diagnostic value of the image needed for the specific examination
  • consistent use of personal protective means
  • provision  of x-ray images upon client´s requests on CD and a possibility to share them with other medical care facilities using the ePACS system (secured electronic network used in health sector for sending and receiving medical documentation in the form of images)

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