Podology is the field of medicine that deals with issues involving the feet, including prevention and treatment of painful conditions and health complications in relation to the entire musculoskeletal system. The podology clinic is related to other fields of medicine – dermatology, diabetes, angiology, orthopaedics, surgery and paediatrics, for example.

Anyone who has problems with the arches of their feet or the position of their heel bones can be a client of the podology clinic. We are able to relieve back pain and heel spurs, and treat hammertoes and bunions (halux valgus).

Examination at the podology clinic is carried out using a plantoscope – a plate on which we obtain a print of the foot arches. However, such a print is not sufficient to evaluate the position of the heels and overall posture. It is necessary to supplement the print with an examination of the client’s stance and gait.

Based on the examination, we are able to determine what form of correction will be most appropriate for the given client and create an order for the production of individual orthopaedic inserts. We will have the inserts made at our external facility and the client will then pick them up at one of our clinics.

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