Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery deals with specialized diagnostic and therapeutic medical care in cases where they require special procedures carried out by plastic surgeons. This includes treating congenital and acquired defects, tissue damage, deformities, fresh injuries and their consequences.

The field also covers treatment of complicated hand and face injuries and their consequences as well treatment of amputations with the help of replantation (re-attachment) surgery. It also covers the surgical treatment of tumors (congenital or acquired, malignant or benign) primarily affecting the skin. It also plays a role in caring for burn victims. Aesthetic surgery also falls under the scope of care offered by the field.

Aesthetic plastic surgery at Canadian Medical

Plastic surgery of the head and neck

Plastic surgery of the breasts

Plastic surgery procedures of the body

Non-invasive methods

Dermatological plastic surgery at Canadian Medical

  • Removal of skin lesions (birthmarks, tumors, hemangioma...)
  • Extirpation of lipomas, atheromas and other cystic growths
  • Removal of warts, fibromas and mollusca
  • Full and partial nail removal, surgery of ingrown nails
  • Ablation of the nails as well as partial surgery of ingrown nails
  • Removal of fibromas and cysts from the eyelids
  • Removal of xanthelasma from the eyelids
  • Stitching of torn earlobes from earrings
  • Excision of minor mucosal lesions in the oral cavity or on the lips
  • Surgical treatment of scars

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