Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Physiotherapy deals with the treatment of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. These disorders are classified as blockade of the joints, muscle spasms, and others. Treatment is carried out using anatomical and physiological knowledge of the musculoskeletal system.

Medical rehabilitation belongs to the essential medical branches and is closely connected to several other specialities. It deals with areas representing the greatest socio-economical problem in a modern society.

According to statistics, 95 percent of people have problems which can be treated by rehabilitation procedures. If they are not treated, they can often result in serious and permanent complcations. Medical rehabilitation is a complex of medical preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures that aim to restore maximal function and fitness of a patient. Using methods of medical rehabilitation improves the musculoskeletal system, affects pain, decreases muscle fatigue and improves memory.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy at Canadian Medical

Are you looking for expert care and a therapist who will focus on your needs? Is your job too stressful, allowing no time for physical activity? Do you spend most of your day in the office and hence suffer from back and neck pain? Canadian Medical can help you. Our team of specialised rehabilitation doctors and certified physiotherapists guarantees medical care of the highest quality, using the latest techniques and observing the highest professional standards. We take care of you on an individual basis.

  • Physiotherapists carry out special treatment as recommended by a specialist (orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, neurologist)
  • Kinesiology testing - assessment of functional changes to the locomotor system
  • Mobilization techniques for the peripheral joints and spine
  • Prevention and compensation for unilateral load (due to a sedentary lifestyle and unilateral sports)
  • Prevention and treatment of back pain
  • Breathing exercises with relaxation training
  • Individual therapeutic exercise
  • Individual recommendations of suitable sports and rehabilitation activities
  • Therapeutic instrumentation such as ultrasound, laser, interference currents, DD currents and electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Ergonomic counselling - how to set-up a proper workspace

We use the following physiotherapeutic methods

  • Individual exercise programs
  • Special methodologies (McKenzie, Brügger, Kabat, Mojžíšová, Spiral dynamics, Visceral manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, etc.)
  • Mobilization and manipulation techniques
  • Lymphological examination
  • Electro-therapy, ultrasound, laser
  • Acupressure and acupuncture
  • Massages (reflexive, segmented and relaxing, vacuum therapy, ball therapy, lava stones, etc.)
  • Fit ball exercises
  • Podiatric examination of feet and manufacture of corrective insoles
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Training a healthy back, ergonomic counselling (lectures for individuals and companies)
  • Shock-wave therapy

We can help you with

  • Pain in the spine and joints (including post-injury conditions, prolaps of inter-vertebral disc, treatment of degenerative joint diseases, etc.)
  • Pain evoked by monotonous stress exercised on the body
  • Treatment of scoliosis
  • Tendonitis, tennis elbow, tendon of Achilles problems, frozen shoulder etc.
  • Headaches, migraines, fatigue
  • Problems occurring during pregnancy, after delivery, during menopause (i.e. back pain, stress incontinence, physiotherapy after Caesarean delivery and other gynaecological operations, treatment of functional female sterility, weakened pelvic floor muscles, pre-natal exercise, post-operative scar care, lymphatic oedema)
  • Complex postoperative physiotherapy
  • Neurological diseases
  • Symptoms triggered by stress
  • Psychosomatic diseases (diseases resulting from a primary psychological causation)

Pediatric Rehabilitation

As part of rehabilitation services for children, we provide child development physiotherapy all the way from premature babies to adults. A very common diagnosis that children come to us with is scoliosis (the misalignment of the spine). This health condition most commonly occurs just before puberty and during puberty as well.

We provide examinations of children and adolescents by a professional rehabilitation physician. An exception applies to babies whose neurodevelopmental state is checked instead by a pediatrician.

Available therapies: 

  • Vojta method therapy – this is a method used primarily with prematurely-born children as well as older children suffering from various scoliosis spine curvature problems. It is also used extensively with children affected by neurological factors (post-traumatic paresis and handicap-related issues). Further, this method is often used on adults with neurological deficits (severe headaches or herniated discs). In essence, the Vojta method focuses on activating muscle chains in precisely defined positions which the child would otherwise be unable to engage. Such blocks could prevent the child from example being unable to lift the head with the neck spine straight or unable to take a step forward with a lower limb. Due to similar problems, the child suffers from impaired psychomotor development and function and it is therefore necessary to address it accordingly.

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