Dental hygiene

Important notice

Our dental department is open, however, we are currently operating at a reduced capacity. We are still performing preventive check-ups, fixing acute problems such as tooth extraction, or basic root canal treatment. We are not currently performing planned aesthetic and prosthetic treatments (fillings, crowns, bridges, dental hygiene).

Dental hygiene is an extremely important part of prevention, something that can help you avoid a great many dental problems.

Dental hygiene accounts for the basic dental care for your teeth

Dental hygiene is the foundation stone for the long-term health of your teeth. Properly applied dental treatment by a professional dental hygienist will help you in preventing paradentosis, sensitive teeth, tooth decay (alternatively referred to as dental caries, dental decay or cavities) and other problems in the oral cavity. With appropriate and professional guidance, it can help heal these problems. Quality and professional hygiene will save you from many problems associated with the oral cavity, which can sometimes result in the loss of teeth. Caring for the teeth is equally important at home. We will also be glad to help you with that. With the help of information and instructions from our dental hygienist, you will be able to keep healthy and functional teeth throughout your entire life.

What does the entry dental hygiene procedure look like at Canadian Medical? 

  • Our dental care is thorough and complex, usually lasting 60 minutes
  • Complex check-up in the American style – all in one visit (an overview of the state of the teeth, the level of dental hygiene, paradentosis examination and assessment as well as that of the soft tissues)
  • Removal of  tartar with the SonixFlex ultrasound
  • We then ensure the removal of stains and undesirable pigments by sandblasting the teeth with polishing powder mixed with water applied against the enamel at a very high pressure by using the prophyFlex tooth pressure gun
  • You will also undergo depuration, and polishing the teeth with special polishing fluoride paste
  • Determination of a diagnosis and creation of a treatment plan (plan of future visits) to remedy the issues at hand 

Further care at the dental hygiene practice:

  • Removal of subgingival tartar, treatment of paradentosis and deep cleaning
  • BEYOND™ Polus™ whitening system
  • Home teeth whitening systems (such as Zoom)
  • Treatment of sensitive teeth with special liguid or varnish
  • Special “introductory tour to dentistry” for children and patients suffering from various phobias
  • Dental hygiene for children with local fluoridation

For more acute and serious problems, a periodontologist or dentist takes over and puts together a detailed treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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