Mgr. Renata Jardin Kocourek, Dis.

Specialization: Psychology

Clinics: Prague 6 – Hadovka

Language skills: Czech English German French Italian

Curriculum Vitae

Specialisation: Clinical and intercultural psychology

  • Clinical child diagnosis: 
    • Family system and educational difficulties
    • Emotional problems: anxiety, fear, night mares, anger 
    • Behavioural disorders: self mutilation, suicidal risk, antisocial behaviour 
    • Maladaptive syndrome in relation to expatriation
    • ADHD, OCD, anorexia, bulimia, child and adolescent depression 
  • Clinical diagnosis of adults:
    • Depression (postpartum, situational or chronical), feelings of emptiness
    • PTS, working with trauma and psychosomatic symptoms
    • Conflicts in family and personal life
    • Anxious states, panic attacks, stress, burn out
    • Addictions, unfunctional behavioural patterns, stagnation
  • Therapeutic axes
    • Person centred psychotherapy : rogerian, existentional and jungian
    • Goal centred psychotherapy: cognitive and behavioural for achieving of a concrete goal or change of habits 
    • Therapy for personal development: techniques to strengthen self esteem and image, female therapy, support of creativity  
    • Couples therapy: especially for intercultural couples
  • Relaxation techniques
    • Sophrology, visualisation, affirmation, body work and centring on emotions



  • from 2016: PhD at Charles University, faculty of arts, thesis about motherhood in Europe 
  • 2011-2013: Université de Reims, Champagne, France, Master studies clinical and intercultural psychology
  • 2002-2005: Higher nursing school, Prague

Other courses and seminaries:

  • 2016: Trauma a PTS, Suicide risk (Clinique du trauma, Montréal, Quebec)
  • 2017: Quality of client contact, psychology and health system
  • 2018: Courses about the meaning of dreaming from a Jungian perspective and theories of Tobie Nathan



  • from 12/2017: child diagnostic and psychologist for NGO Dům tří přání (tortured children)
  • from 04/2017: psychologist in Canadian medical centre
  • 2016-2017: own psychological practice in France 
  • 2013-2015: Intercultural association for immigrants in Reims, France
  • 2012: Day hospital for psychotic patients in Reims, France
  • 03/2012: Internship in association for adolescents that committed a crime in Reims, France
  • 2009-2011: International SOS, Prague



  • Lecturing at the university and publishing in terms of the PhD studies
  • Author at the educational portal A chance for children


Membership in professional associations:

  • Repertoire Adeli: 749307898

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