Mgr. Marie Zachová

Specialization: Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Clinics: Prague 6 – AFI

Language skills: Czech English German

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2004–2010 – Charles University Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Department of Physiotherapy
  • 2010 – Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy
  • 2007 – Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy


Professional experience:

  • 2015 – present: Canadian Medical - Physiotherapist
  • 2010 – 2017: Rehaland s.r.o. (Private Rehabilitation and Regeneration Center Prague) - Physiotherapist 
  • 2014 – 2015: Kindergarden Housenka s.r.o. – exercising with 3 – 7 years old children 
  • 2008 – 2009: Elderly Care Home Háje Prague - Physiotherapist


Professional internships and workshops:

  • 2016 – Motol Hospital – internship of Vojta Therapy for infants
  • 2008 – Private Clinic of Dr. Rašev in Schweinfurt, Germany ( Privatpraxis für neuroorthopädische Rehabilitation und Schmerztherapie am Bewegungsapparat – sensomotorische posturale Therapie)
  • 2008 – Workshop “Active Rehabilitation of Elderly by Multidisciplionary Work”, Lahti, Finland


Professional courses:

  • DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (prof. PaedDr. Pavel Kolář, PhD, 2016-17)
  • McKenzie Method – part A – Lumbar spine (Eva Nováková, 2016)
  • Therapy of Gastroesophageal Reflux and Other Functional Esophageal Disorders (Mgr. Petr Bitnar, 2016)
  • Viscerovertebral Relations and its Use in Clinial Practice (Mgr. Petr Bitnar, 2015)
  • Vojta Therapy  - reflex therapy based on developmental kinesiology in selected diagnoses (Hana Nováková, 2013-14)
  • Complex approach in Therapy of Triggerpoints – closer look to postural and developmental kinesiology (Mgr.Petr Bitnar, 2013)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Functional Disorders of the Motion Apparatus– Postizometric Relaxations,  Soft Tissue Techniques and Mobilization Techniques of Spine and Peripheral Joints (Věra Verchozinová, 2012)
  • Centered Posture in the Context of Developmental Kinesiology (Mgr.Barbara Fischerová, 2012)
  • Roswitha Brunkow Method and its Use in Prevention and Therapy of Motion Apparatus Disorders (PhDr. Ingrid Palaščáková-Špringrová, Ph.D., 2010)
  • Medical Taping Concept (Lucie Krestová, 2010)
  • Ludmila Mojžíšová Method – system functional disorder therapy of the motion apparatus (PhDr.Jarmila Novotná, 2008)
  • Voice and Breath in Physiotherapy (Mgr.Jana Lewitová, 2007)
  • Relations between Breathing and Posture (PhDr.Jiří Čumpelík, 2007)


Proffesional Associations:

  • Membership in McKenzie Institute Prague
  • Membership in Czech Association for Physiology and Medicine of Musicians

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