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Carmen Gloria Fernandez

Specialization: Ergotherapy Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Clinics: Prague 4 – The Park Prague 6 – AFI

Language skills: Czech English

Curriculum Vitae

Occupational Therapist, B.A., Degree in Science of Human Occupation, MSc., Child Neuropsychology


  • Pediatric Occupational Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Model of Occupational Therapy for children/teenagers with sensory processing difficulties.
  • Comprehensive therapeutic approach for children/teenagers with autism or with diagnoses inside the spectrum.
  • School based approach of occupational therapy for children/teenagers with difficulties that affect their school performance (motor developmental delay, fine motor problems and handwriting difficulties, attention deficit, dyspraxia, organization skills problems, learning difficulties)

Education, Internships, Conference Attendance: (preferably with years)

  • B.A., Degree in Science of Human OccupationUniversity of Chile. 2006
  • MSc., Child Neuropsychology. University Pablo de Olavide. Spain. 2012
  • Psychiatry, Infancy and Early Childhood Training. “The Basic Course on the DIR/ Floortime Model”.  Online Format. The Floortime Foundation and The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL), United States. 2008
  • Neurology and Occupational Therapy Training. “The Sensory Integration Perspective”. University of Chile and Western Psychological Services (WPS), United States. 2007.
  • Neurology and Occupational Therapy Training. “Sensory Integration Intervention”. University of Chile and Western Psychological Services (WPS), United States. 2007.
  • Occupational Therapy Training. “Model of Human Occupation: Personalized and Holistic Intervention to improve the Occupational Develop”. Andres Bello University, Chile. 2005.
  • Occupational Therapy Clinical Internship - Karolinska Institute – Medical University of Stockholm.


Working Experience:

Has wide experience working with children/teenagers in both: clinical and educative settings.

Her practice in the medical centers includes working as part of pediatrics psychiatric and mental health teams, which provide services to children/teenagers with attention deficit, autism, dyspraxia, emotional difficulties and sensory processing disorders.

Her practice in the school setting includes working as part of learning support teams, which provide services to children/teenagers with different diagnoses that correlate with learning difficulties and affects the children's’ school performance.



  • August 2012 – Present: Private OT consultant / Member of the learning support team as learning assistant. International School of Prague. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • December 2008 – Present. Pediatrics Occupational Therapist. Canadian Medical Care. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • August 2008 – August 2009. Private Occupational Therapist for the son of the Ambassador of Chile in Czech Republic. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • March 2007 –July 2008. School based Occupational Therapist. Center of Special Education “Dr. Hans Asperger”. Santiago, Chile.  
  • July 2007–July 2008. School based Occupational Therapist. Elementary and High School “Anexo Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna”. Santiago, Chile.
  • May 2007 – May 2008. Occupational Therapist from the team of Psychiatry and Mental Health. Public Medical Center “Eduardo Frey Montalva”. Santiago, Chile.                                        

Memberships in professional organizations:

  • Registered Occupational Therapist in the Chilean Ministry of Health, the regulatory body for health professionals.

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