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Our clients who have visited the premises in Prague 4 – Chodov, can now pick up their medication at the pharmacy located right next to our clinic. 

The pharmacy cooperates closely with doctors at Canadian Medical

From January 2016, a pharmacy is available for CM clients as well as the general public right next to our clinic.

Our pharmacy is very different from other ordinary ones. One of the main benefits is that the pharmacists cooperate closely with our doctors and in case of need, can easily contact them for consultation. Such useful service is seldom possible in other pharmacies.

Yet another plus which our customers will welcome are the extended opening hours – from 07:30 AM until 18:30 PM (different during summer holidays). The appropriate medication can be picked up prior to visiting the doctor or later, saving you valuable time.

Other benefits of the pharmacy:

  • Staff members are experienced pharmacists, who can provide qualified advice to customers. 

  • A wide assortment of prescription and over-the-counter medication, vitamins, food supplements, special cosmetic items, creams and other medical products are available for purchase.

  • Membership benefits are offered to Canadian Medical clients ensuring an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience.

  • We accept Flexi Pass vouchers, which can be used to pay for the entire purchase.

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