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You deserve the very best care during pregnancy


02. 01. 2018

Maternal care fot the clients of Czech insurance companies. Canadian Medical has created Materna, a deluxe prenatal programme that provides mothers with an exceptionally high standard of medical care.

There are so many uncertainties in the world of health care today, with magazines for mothers often writing about the less-than-perfect results of Czech obstetrics and about the poor communication skills of certain doctors, insensitive treatment during childbirth or problematic registration at the maternity ward. That is why Canadian Medical has created Materna II, a deluxe prenatal programme that will provide you with an exceptionally high level of medical care and plenty of extra-special services during pregnancy and childbirth, giving you the peace of mind that you are doing all you can for yourself and your baby.

You will be cared for from the very beginning of your pregnancy by a top-class obstetrician with a feeling and understanding for your individual needs and with plenty of time for you. The care provided is of the highest quality and you won’t have to worry about registering at a maternity ward, with all prenatal care provided in a pleasant and refined environment. You won’t have to wait at the doctor’s – a gynaecological nurse will be available to you by telephone day and night, ready to advise you on any problems you might be having. The care we provide to you during pregnancy includes dental care, prenatal exercise, consultation with a nutritionist and the support of a physiotherapist.

Interested in our offer of prenatal care? Have a look at our detailed overview, which sums up everything the Materna II programme has to offer you. Alternatively, contact our client centre.


  • Highly professional doctors

Our gynaecologists truly are the cream of the crop in obstetrics. The doctors who work here with us have many years of experience at a leading obstetrics center in Prague, have worked in various locations abroad and lecture at medical faculties worldwide

  • An exceptionally sensitive and individual approach

Refined communication and a feeling for our clients’ individual needs – all part of the basic standard of care at Canadian Medical. Doctors have plenty of time for mothers-to-be, meaning there is room for information about health matters and for normal, friendly contact.

  • Deluxe health care

The Materna II prenatal programme naturally includes all prescribed pregnancy checks and examinations, but you will also receive extra-special care as part of our package of services. We use screening during the first trimester as standard. Screening is one of the most important medical examinations, but it is one that is not currently used as standard in the Czech Republic. One of the most pleasant experiences that awaits you is our 4D ultrasound, something that all mothers-to-be greatly enjoy. In addition to classic gynaecological care, the services provided as part of the Materna II programme include consultation with a nutritionist and a physiotherapist, as well as a preventative dental check. Help in preparing documents to take to the maternity ward and assistance in sorting out deluxe care at a contractual maternity ward are both a matter of course.

  • The comfort of comprehensive care under one roof

The common practice in the Czech Republic is for mothers-to-be to go to the maternity ward for a check-up, which can often be time-consuming, tiring and even unpleasant. Thanks to our apparatus and organization of care, all examinations are provided at Canadian Medical within the refined environment of a clinic where you don’t have to wait. What is more, our clinic deals with forty additional medical specializations. This means that we resolve any medical problems quickly through one of our specialists, on whose high professional standard you can rely.

  • Nurse on the phone

There might be a medical situation during pregnancy that you don’t know how to handle. That is why we have an experienced gynaecological nurse available to you by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing you with qualified advice or, in the case of more serious problems, connecting you with a doctor or organizing assistance for you at a maternity ward.

  • Giving birth with the doctor of your choice

The services we offer include assistance in registering at a maternity ward and a choice of obstetrician. In most cases, the women we care for give birth with the doctor who cares for them during pregnancy. A sensitive approach by the doctor during childbirth and respect for the dignity and individual needs of the parents are both a matter of course.

You will find more information about the Materna II programme in the detailed description of our membership programs, where you will also find details of the Materna I programme (as part of which only prenatal care, and not care during childbirth itself, is provided).

If you are interested in any of our Materna programmes, please feel free to contact us.
+420 235 360 133

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