Vaccination against seasonal influenza Canadian Medical has started


21. 10. 2019

Vaccination against seasonal influenza has just started at Canadian Medical. You can already order influenza vaccination via our call center at: +420 235 360 133.


Do you know what is infectious flu?

Influenza is the most common acute febrile disease, which spreads rapidly within the human population and is caused by a constantly mutating virus. It affects 10% of the world's population annually, and as much as 40-50% during a pandemic. Because of its frequent occurrence, the lay public (and often experts as well) consider the flu to be a trivial illness. It is usually manifested by clinical symptoms such as fatigue, increased temperature, headache, cough, runny nose. Unlike a conventional viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, the flu is a serious illness, which can be fatal.

Prevention against the flu  

The only highly effective prevention against the flu is vaccination. It is especially useful in protecting patients with chronic illnesses, although vaccination will be appreciated even by a healthy person who can be protected from unnecessary health problems. 

When to get vaccinated?

Influenza vaccination for adults is conducted each year by applying one dose of vaccine before the influenza epidemic period, for a vaccination provides reliable protection for only 14 days after inoculation. However, one can be vaccinated at any time, even during a flu epidemic.

Flu’s incubation period ranges from one to four days, but the creation of anti-flu antibodies takes approximately 14 days after vaccination. Simple mathematical reasoning therefore suggests that the peak of an epidemic can be upon us before we become immune to the flu even after a vaccination administered today. If a patient has himself or herself vaccinated against the flu during an epidemic, the vaccine may not provide the protection expected. On the other hand, it’s not possible to say that the vaccine would be totally ineffective. It depends on how long after the vaccination the body is exposed to the flu virus.


Why do our doctors recommend vaccination?

Research shows that vaccination against the flu in younger people lowers illness by 5-6 times in comparison with the unvaccinated population. In addition, a patient weakened by seasonal flu is at greater risk of contracting pandemic flu (few years ago, for example, swine flu). If a patient is vaccinated against seasonal flu, it is easier to diagnose flu caused by pandemic influenza.


This season we offer a influenza vaccine, which protects against more circulating influenza viruses. Against flu can be vaccinated from 3 years of age and older.

Vaccination cost:

1 unit of vaccine, including application at any of our clinics, costs CZK 570.

Clients with the program BASIC pay only the vaccine - CZK 270. 

Patients over 65 years of age, splenectomy or transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells, patients suffering from severe chronic pharmacologically-resolved heart and vascular diseases or airways or kidneys or diabetes will be vaccinated free of charge.

Clients with a higher care program have vaccinations free of charge.

If you’re interested in an individual vaccination, contact our callcenter telephone line at: +420 235 360 133.


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