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Plasma Therapy Used in Orthopedics Encourages Healing of Damaged Tissues, Tendons and Joints


12. 10. 2017

Injecting blood plasma enriched with blood platelets has gained popularity in orthopedic use where it is applied by injection directly into the affected area. This method has founds its beneficial usage in dermatology as well. Let's explore its miraculous effects in orthopedics and the reasons behind its growing popularity with doctors and patients.

Strong concentrations of blood platelets encourage healing

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) heals damaged tendons, joints and muscles. Its preparation takes a total of 12 minutes from the time blood is extracted from the patient. The blood is then prepared along with plasma which is rich in blood platelets. Those are full of growth factors which the body makes use of when healing itself. With the help of a special method, the doctor obtains a solution containing 5 to 10 times more blood platelets than regular blood. When applied correctly into the affected area, it will  restore or enhance the regeneration process.

What is blood plasma composed of?

A healthy individual has approximately three liters of blood plasma, 90% of which is composed of water. The remaining ten percent of the volume is composed of organic substances which include plasma proteins (seven percent), hormones (two percent), vitamins, glucose, minerals, enzymes (totaling 1 percent). Plasma is the vehicle for the transport of hormones, lipids, sugars and metabolic products within the human body. It also contains inorganic salts and to a very limited degree, helps in transporting carbon dioxide and oxygen. Thanks to its unique composition, it also activates collagen fibers.

Superior healthcare can be prescribed by a doctor

Individuals older than 15 can undergo treatment. A nurse will take a blood sample from the patient, usually from under the skin on an upper limb. Preparation of A-PRP (blood plasma) takes place in a special device from RegenLab directly at the orthopedic practice.

The PRP method is an above-standard procedure compared to standard therapy. The patient visits the orthopedic practice a couple times in a row, usually three times within a couple of weeks, whereby the doctor applies the solution directly to the affected area with a special injection needle. Prior to undertaking the procedure, the patient must undergo consultation with a specialist who can prescribe plasma therapy as a suitable addition to existing treatment.

How does PRP work?

Following application of the solution to the affected area, growth factors found in the blood platelets are released. Those help in kick-starting the regenerative and reparative abilities of damaged cartilage, tissues, ligaments and tendons. The healing process will begin in acute injuries and it PRP also helps in treating diseases which transition into chronic stages. It is also known for encouraging physiological healing abilities.

Treatment is suitable after a recommendation and consultation with a doctor. Biological treatment with one's own plasma represents for the body a natural and safe method where the patient does not need to consume any medication or chemical substances.

Benefits for the patient

The application of blood plasma does not put a time strain on the patient. The entire process lasts about half an hour. Blood is prepared in a sterile environment where there is no risk of infection. The method is entirely safe and biological, only using one's own tissues. No additional substances are introduced into the final solution. If the patient falls ill or leaves abroad for a long-term stay, it is not a problem to interrupt treatment and then continue with it. The material introduced to the affected areas is always maximally fresh and is processed in a cutting-edge device that uses a safe, certified system.

Always turn to a professional

Application should only be carried out by an experienced orthopedist at a specialized clinic or practice. This treatment method is not suitable for every patient and has not been approved for use on every single type of disease.  For example, it is not recommended to apply it in patients with stage 4 arthritis or  cancer. The method is suitable for shortening rehabilitation times or to speed up healing in acute or chronic complications. Patients should always seek our orthopedic practices instead of other unverified places.

Other uses of plasma therapy

Plasma therapy is being used with success in the field of aesthetic dermatology. In this field, it is possible to apply pure blood plasma or blood plasma with hyaluronic acid which further increases its regenerative potential. This successful technique has been used across the whole world and female patients have come to favor it primarily for its  natural rejuvenating qualities. It smoothes and rejuvenates skin and its connective issues as well as hydrates it with the help of hyaluronic acid. Following application, the skin appears brighter thanks to the formation of new capillaries. PRP further ensures that there are no allergic reactions. The result is visible within a short time and the preparation of the blood plasma and its application are not time-consuming. In dermatology, the method is further used to treat wrinkles around the eyes, to eliminate dark circles around the eyes, to lighten up wrinkled skin, to hide faint contours of the face and to ensure that women can attain elastic skin on the face, neck and the cleavage (décolletage).

Come and try this revolutionary method of treatment which uses your own blood. Book your appointment with our orthopedist by dialing (+420) 235 360 133.

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