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01. 09. 2021

Dear Clients,

Allow us introduce you to our newest head physicians who will be leading our specialised fields at Canadian Medical. 



Dr. Martin Hospodka

A certified physician in the field of allergology and clinical immunology and a member of the European Societies for Allergology, Clinical Immunology and Respiratory Medicine. Together with his colleagues, he covers all issues related to  allergies, immunological disorders and related respiratory diseases. His philosophy is to search for the root of problems and then find the most appropriate targeted solution.



Dr. Helena Michalíková

With a first and second degree qualifications in dermatovenerology, a licence to practice independently and certificates for working with lasers, IPL, filling implants, botulinum toxin and peeling, Dr. Michalíková, graduated from the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, has worked at the Royal Vinohrady University Hospital and worked as the head of the aesthetic dermatology department at ISCARE I.V.F. She is a member of ČLK and the Dermatovenerological Society of ČLS JEP. She is a co-researcher of several GAUK grants and research projects, and has completed a number of internships and trainings (especially in dermatosurgery), some of them abroad (e.g. Israel). Dr. Michalíková is extensively involved in publishing and lecturing activities and is also involved in pedagogical practice.



Mgr. Pavla Marková

She graduated with a masters in physiotherapy from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University. In her practice, she actively uses knowledge from certified courses which include diagnostics and therapy of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system or dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation, and many more. Among other avenues, she has a lot of experience in outpatient physiotherapy.



Dr. Miroslav Verner

Certified physician in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics. He is a member of the Czech Medical Chamber and the Czech Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. In his practice he can rely on his extensive experience from obstetric departments, surgical theatres, maternity wards and specialised clinics for high-risk pregnancies and oncogynecology and further professional education. In his practice, he also draws on his experience from working in Germany. He has published a number of professional articles and actively participates in domestic and international congresses.



Dr. Pavel Poláček

Dr. Pavel Poláček graduated with a degree in general medicine from the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. In 1998, he qualified in internal medicine and in 2002 he earned his specialisation in cardiology. He previously worked at the Písek Hospital, in the rescue service of the South Bohemian Region, and worked in clinics in Germany for over six years. He is also a member of the Czech Society of Cardiology.



Dr. Ivana Kovářová

Qualified physician in the field of neurology, who since graduation has been gaining invaluable experience in acute care and in specialised clinics and centres (Center for Demyelinating Diseases and Centre for Headache Therapy). In addition to her clinical work, she is also involved in lecturing and teaching future doctors at the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. She is also a co-researcher of grants from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.



Dr. Helena Hallová, CSc.

Since her qualification as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Hallova has been working at the VFN Eye Clinic in Prague, where she specialises in eye microsurgery. She has many years of experience in retinal and lens surgery in postgraduate medical education and she is also a longstanding member of the Czech Ophthalmological Society and the Czech Vitreoretinal Society.


Otorhinolaryngology - ENT

Dr. Jaroslav Kraus, Ph.D., MBA

After finishing his studies at the 1st Faculty of Medical at Charles University, he joined the ENT department at Na Bulovce University Hospital, later working at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at the 1st Faculty of Medical at Charles University and the Motol University Hospital.  From 2001 to 2002, he worked at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, focusing on oncological and reconstructive head and neck surgery. For more than 15 years he was the head of the ENT and department for head and neck surgery at the Rudolf and Stefanie Benešov Hospital. He is the author of many professional papers, including chapters in monographs, and he is the winner of the Kutvirt Prize for 2014. Since 2021 he has been working at the ENT department of the Thomayer University Hospital, and he is the chief physician at the FTN Sleep Centre.



doc. MUDr. Rastislav Hromádka, Ph.D.

A very respected doctor in the field of orthopaedics. In addition to studying general medicine, he also completed his postgraduate studies in biomedicine in the field of experimental surgery at Charles University. For the last 14 years he has specialised in foot and forefoot surgery. In 2015, he was the first orthopaedist in the Czech Republic to introduce the routine use of minimally invasive osteotomy in leg bones, which enable the treatment of flat feet, toe deformities and arched toes. He is the author of 33 publications and a member of the Czech Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology, the Czech Anatomical Society, the European Foot and Ankle Society and the Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Society.



MUDr. Barbara Taušová, MBA

She is a certified physician in the field of paediatrics. In addition to being a co-founder of Canadian Medical, she is a very good example of a doctor dedicated to lifelong learning, whether in medicine or in the management of medical facilities. Her long experience in the field includes active participation in international projects, conferences and congresses. She is the head of the EUC expert council and, among other things, a member of the Czech Neonates Society and the American and Canadian Paediatric Societies.



Dr. Jitka Kárníková

She graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medical at Charles University in Prague, with a major  in dentistry. After graduating, she worked at the Dental Clinic of the General Hospital in Prague, mainly in dental surgery and maxillofacial surgery, where she also got her first degree qualification and obtained a certificate of expertise in dental surgery and a certificate of expertise in general dentistry. She is currently the head physician of dentistry and focuses mainly on dental surgery, implantology and implant prosthetics.


Dr. Petr Chalupa, MBA

A certified doctor in the field of dentistry, Dr. Chalupa obtained an MBA by studying management in healthcare. He is a member of the Czech Dental Chamber and the Regional Dental Chamber for Prague 6. He has completed countless training courses for example, in the field of implantology and fixed prosthetics. In his practice, he focuses on the overall reconstruction of teeth, aesthetic dentistry, conservative dentistry procedures and dental surgery.



Dr. Tomáš Chmelenský

A qualified doctor with his own licence for independent practice in the field of urology. He is a member of the Czech Urological Society of the Czech Medical Association JEP. His practice is supported by his experience gained during internships in the USA and Germany and on work experience at the Central Hospital in Prague and the hospital in Příbram, where in 2012 he and the team of urologists were the first in the Czech Republic to perform laparoscopic kidney removal with only three minor entrances. He devotes himself to pedagogical activities, has written several professional publications and participated in research projects.

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