New senior doctors in neurology and ophthalmology


12. 12. 2022

In November, there was a change in the positions of chief physician of ophthalmology and neurology. Vadim Fridman M.D., MBA, FEBO, has taken over the leadership of the ophthalmology team. The Canadian Medical neurology team will be headed by Eva Krasulová, M.D., PhD. In both cases, these are erudite specialists who already know the functioning of their teams and the entire Canadian Medical well. 


Eva Krasulová, M.D., Ph.D., will take over the leadership of the neurology specialty in November, replacing the current experienced physician, Ivana Kovářová, M.D.

Eva Krasulová, M.D., Ph.D. has been fascinated by neurology since her studies at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. Since 2004 she has been working at the Neurological Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague, where she worked for 10 years as the head of the acute outpatient department and deputy chief. Her main professional focus is multiple sclerosis and autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system. She completed her postgraduate studies with a thesis on Lymphocyte subpopulations, cytokine production and stem cell transplantation in patients with multiple sclerosis. As a physician, she believes that medical care must not only be of a high medical standard, but also be psychological and personal care.


How do you perceive neurology, and what do you think is essential about this specialty?

Neurology is a marvelous field that deals with a wide range of diagnoses, from frequent headaches to any kind of disability of the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves. Moreover, it is now a field where we are able to significantly help patients with their chronic conditions, which was not possible just a few decades ago. A specialist neurologist is also often approached in the context of interdisciplinary collaboration to rule out a neurological cause for various general symptoms such as vertigo, weakness, memory disorders, pain, etc. I very much welcome this collaboration and joint discussion of the patient’s difficulties.


What do you want to focus on in your position as head of the neurology specialty?

Canadian Medical’s team of neurologists includes experienced specialists with extensive experience, which we owe, among other things, to the current head of the specialty, Ivana Kovářová, M.D. I would like to focus on expanding the office hours for which we are available at the clinics. Individual colleagues within the specialty often deal with highly specialized issues, e.g. treatment of headaches, epilepsy, and extrapyramidal or autoimmune diseases. I will endeavor to make more use of these sub-specialisms of theirs on a consultative basis. I would also like to introduce more accessible ultrasound scans in neurological diagnosis and treatment, outpatient lumbar punctures to examine cerebrospinal fluid or CT-guided root injections as part of treatment. These are procedures that can further advance neurological care for Canadian Medical clients.



Vadim Fridman, M.D., MBA, FEBO also works as an ophthalmologist at Bulovka University Hospital and Lensi Eye Centre. He has also worked as an ophthalmic consultant to the oncology team in a number of hospitals and participated in the international Destiny and Genmab studies. He graduated in General Medicine at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague and holds international USMLE, MCCEE, FEBO, and GCP certificates. As an ophthalmologist, he appreciates being able to provide unique care to his clients in the domestic environment thanks to the facilities of Canadian Medical. His professional motto is that a good outpatient ophthalmologist should have a good foundation in all areas of their specialty.


What are your priorities for the coming months?

We have recently been able to bring new colleagues to our team, with two more joining us in the near future. This brings with it a slightly different approach, energy, and knowledge that we can take advantage of. In addition, we are seeking accreditation for our workplace. We want to expand the range of our examinations and build the operating theatres. To move towards an eye center that is up to date with current trends and thanks to which we will be able to answer virtually all the problems our clients face.


So the goal is truly comprehensive care?

Absolutely. We have a great team and quality equipment. The purpose of our work is to take care of the client, not to send them to a higher facility when we can help them here, and to dedicate ourselves to medicine and provide excellent outpatient care in its entirety. This involves adjusting or setting a new standard for the range of tests we provide as part of our preventative care. Much has happened in our field recently; ophthalmology has moved on a lot. Quality preventive medicine is therefore another pillar on which we want to continue to build. In this context, I thank Dr. Hall for building such a quality foundation for eye care in our country. In addition, we also want to strengthen certain weak links that exist in ophthalmology throughout the Czech Republic. For example, this is a diabetic eye center which does not really exist in our country but which is extremely necessary. We have a tremendous advantage in Canadian Medical in that we are part of a unique network of outpatient care, and because of that we can take advantage of interdisciplinary collaboration with our colleagues. In the case of the diabetes center, for example, this is collaboration with a diabetologist and podiatrist, but also a dermatologist and neurologist. We have all the specialties under one roof.


What do you personally enjoy about the outpatient care we provide at Canadian Medical?

It’s the integrated approach to the patient. That’s what I tell my colleagues who are new to us, and who, like me, have experience and experience in private clinics: no health care provider, not even in a hospital, offers such comprehensive care in the Czech Republic. It happens to me that my clients refer their parents who live abroad to us. They bring them to us because they like our approach, the breadth of the examination. And it’s this bond between doctor and client, the trust, that’s the most valuable.

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