Information about the COVID-19 vaccine - Frequently Asked Questions


28. 05. 2021


Vaccination against COVID-19 is being carried out at Canadian Medical in accordance with prioritisation and all methodologies established by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (MHCR).

We only vaccinate citizens who have Czech public health insurance.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your registration in the MHCR’s Central Reservation System, please call 1221.

Vaccination of Canadian Medical clients against COVID-19 is being carried out only at the vaccination centre, which you can find in Prague at Evropská 859/115a (AFI building), ground floor, entrance A.

The Canadian Medical Vaccination information line is available to clients: (+420)272 913 601.

Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca will be administered.


COVID-19 vaccination

How and when to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in the Czech Republic

Blanket vaccination is being carried out in the Czech Republic in multiple phases. The individual phases are determined by a decree of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Who can get vaccinated?

Vaccination is voluntary and paid for by the health insurer.

More information is available here:


Who can and cannot get vaccinated?

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: vaccination following consultation with an attending physician (gynaecologist) or general practitioner. If you reasonably believe that you may be pregnant, verify such possibility with your gynaecologist.
  • Persons with allergies: vaccination of allergy sufferers following consultation with an allergist or general practitioner
  • Persons with an acute infectious disease: in the case of persons suffering from a serious febrile illness or acute infection, vaccination should be postponed. Such persons should be vaccinated always following consultation with an attending physician. The presence of a mild infection or a low-grade fever is not a reason to postpone vaccination.

When exactly will my turn to be vaccinated come?

The principle of registration assumes the gradual release of reservations in the CRS for priority groups of persons in connection with the vaccine delivery plan, which will be supplemented with, for example, a non-priority group based on the registrations that will be available. Unfilled places will be added from other registrations with a lower point score. Algorithmisation is formulated on the basis of capacity and deliveries.

Can you register me directly?

It is necessary to register on the website at or – both of these are functional links; both will take you to the online registration form for citizens, indicating your interest in and consent to vaccination, where you will fill in information about yourself.

Can I register through my membership?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to preferentially make a vaccination appointment on the basis of Canadian Medical membership programmes.

If I am your client, do you expect me to get vaccinated at your facility?

Everyone can choose the vaccination centre that they prefer in the registration system. Of course, you can choose the Canadian Medical vaccination centre at Veleslavín.

Canadian Medical is involved in the national network of vaccination centres and thus works with the national register. If you belong to a high-risk group that can currently get vaccinated, we will be pleased to administer the vaccine to you at our vaccination centre following registration in the national system.

Can I choose the doctor who will vaccinate me?                           

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose a particular doctor at this time; doctors are assigned on the basis of allocation of services.

Vaccinations are administered by non-medical healthcare personnel in connection with a doctor at the vaccination centre and administrative employees.

How will you take into account patients with chronic illnesses?

We vaccinate high-risk groups in accordance with the vaccination strategy of the Czech Republic.

Types of vaccines being used in the Czech Republic

Vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna or vaccines Astra Zeneca are currently available in the Czech Republic.

Is vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory?

Vaccination against the coronavirus is not mandatory. Every adult individual can freely choose to get vaccinated or not.

Vaccination after having been infected with COVID-19

Though sufficient data is not currently available, it is assumed that the vaccine will be effective also in such cases. At this time, the valid methodology requires that persons who have been infected with COVID-19 not be vaccinated for 90 days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Required number of vaccine doses

In the case of the Pfizer vaccine, two doses are currently administered with an interval of at least 21 days.

Where the vaccine is administered

The vaccine is administered in the shoulder of the non-dominant arm.

Allergic reactions following vaccination

Administration of the vaccine can cause allergic reactions, the most frequent of which are:

  • reddening and swelling at the place of injection
  • headache, muscle and joint pain
  • fatigue
  • chills, fever

Following administration of the vaccine, it is necessary to remain in the waiting room for approximately 15-30 minutes and consult any negative reactions with a doctor. We recommend waiting for a full 30 minutes.

Cost of vaccination

The cost of vaccination is fully covered by public health insurance.

After registration, how long will it take to get an appointment for vaccination?

The date of the vaccination appointment depends on the amount of vaccines available at the vaccination centre. As soon as vaccines arrive, we will make dates available.

Can I get the second dose of vaccine if I have an ongoing infection? If not, how much later will I get an appointment?

If you have an infection, it is not possible to get vaccinated. Depending on the type of infection, vaccination will be postponed for at least 14 days from the end of the infection based on a consultation with a general practitioner and the doctor present at the vaccination centre.

If I re-register with a different vaccination centre now, will I get an earlier appointment?

It is impossible to say for sure, but probably not. Again, it depends on the amount of vaccines that the vaccination centre has available.

When registering with your vaccination centre, can I select the option of being an “alternate”? For example, in the case that someone cancels their vaccination?

It is not possible to select the option of being an alternate.

How is it possible that my colleague, who registered with a different vaccination centre after I registered, already has an appointment?

The date and time of the vaccination appointment depends on the amount of vaccines that the vaccination centre has available. Therefore, it may have happened that your colleague made an appointment at a vaccination centre that received vaccines earlier.

Will confirmation be issued after vaccination or will it be entered in the vaccination card?

If you have a vaccination card, bring it with you when you come to get vaccinated. An International Vaccination Card can also be issued. The client will receive a so-called vaccination certificate following administration of the second dose.

How long does it take for immunity to arise? How long will it last? Will it be necessary to get vaccinated again and after how long?

The World Health Organisation still does not know if the vaccines can provide long-term protection against the coronavirus. Even though successful clinical trials of both vaccines that are currently used in the Czech Republic have been carried out, it is not currently known how long the vaccines can protect the body against the virus.

Vaccination of foreign nationals

Foreign nationals are entitled to vaccination in the following cases:

  • If they are insured in the Czech Republic in the public health-insurance system (either due to performance of gainful activities or on the basis of European coordination regulations). Foreign nationals can register for vaccination using their insurance policy number (i.e. assigned birth-registration number).
  • If they are insured in another EU country and are entitled to so-called complete care in the Czech Republic (i.e. they are holders of the S1 certificate of entitlement). Foreign nationals can register for vaccination using their insurance policy number (i.e. assigned birth-registration number) assigned to them upon additional registration.

If foreign nationals are insured in another EU country and, based on the European Health Insurance Card, they are entitled to necessary care in the Czech Republic and additionally register with a Czech health-insurance provider. Registration is carried out using the insurance policy number that the given foreign national receives from his/her Czech health insurer. The person must carry out so-called additional registration with any of the seven Czech health-insurance companies. If you have any questions, contact the information line at 1221 or contact your health-insurance provider.



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