Does a Detox Boost Immunity?


30. 10. 2018

Each year, with the onset of spring and fall, detoxification of the body (detox) becomes a major topic of discussion. Are these one-off detox procedures really beneficial for our body? How do doctors view these detox treatments and what do they recommend for boosting the immune system?

The purpose of a detoxification of the organism in its general sense is to rid the body of substances that are either toxic or burdensome to its organs. “In the strictest sense, the word is used for the detoxification of the intestines, a cleansing procedure. When this method is used rationally along with a proper diet, then the body is certainly fortified in the long term” explains MUDr. Silvie Knoppová.

It is no secret that maintaining the intestines clean is the cornerstone of the entire immune system. “It is certainly true that one of the pre-requisites for the correct function of the immune system is represented by regular bowel movements, i.e. the actual physiological function of the intestines. However, do not think that the intestines are always completely clean, they are actually inhabited by beneficial bacteria which form its integral part” clarifies MUDr. Silvie Knoppová. She adds that for improvements in the digestive function, probiotics can indeed be of assistance. However, it is always necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve an ideal health state.

Detox cleansing as a part of a healthy lifestyle

It is important to understand that our body constantly cleanses itself – i.e. it gets rid of harmful substances which represent a strain on the liver, kidneys and the digestive system. Detox treatments can therefore be perceived as a means to help the body in its natural processes and its natural detox functions which you should keep in mind at all times.

For the body to detoxify and strengthen its defenses, occasional detox treatments alone are not sufficient. If you really want to relieve your body in the long-term, make sure that you first think about your general lifestyle:

  • Do you have sufficient amounts of physical activity?
  • What is your diet composed of?
  • Do you afford yourself sufficient rest?
  • How much stress do you subject yourself to each day?
  • Do you smoke each day?

A healthy diet, sufficient amount of clean water, plenty of movement in fresh air, resting and avoiding harmful substances allows for our body to get rid of unwanted toxins by employing its own basic cleansing and defensive processes. A healthy lifestyle and general psychological well-being goes hand in hand with occasional fasting or “take it easy” days which represent a good gateway to good health. 

Natural remedies can be helpful, but do not expect miracles

Driven by our desire to strengthen the immune system, many of us decide to use various natural remedies. The most common ones in the Czech Republic include garlic, sea buckthorn, cranberries, aloe vera and many others. Some are proven to have antiseptic and antioxidant qualities and can truly contribute to the overall regeneration of the body. In fact, many of these are used in Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine as well as other alternative approaches and their role is certainly not negligible. However, they should be seen primarily as supportive remedies to a healthy lifestyle. Without this solid foundation, the immune system simply cannot work to its best abilities.


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