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28. 06. 2018

Aligner Revolution in Orthodontics - Discreet Invisalign Aligners

Removable, painless and effective Invisalign aligners allow for discreet alignment of your teeth.  Their magic lies in the fact that they are virtually invisible. Yet another great advantage rests in the fact that patients do not need to visit the doctor often.  At the onset of treatment, an examination every 6-8 weeks is sufficient followed by every 8-12 weeks throughout the rest of the treatment. The patients also change their aligners themselves every week or once in two weeks. 

For further details, we asked out orthodontist, MUDr. Jakub Hovorka:

What benefits do you see in these aligners?

For me as an orthodontist, the most important aspect is that with the help of digital technologies, I am able to plan the progress of orthodontic treatment. As a result I can offer my patients the most modern method of orthodontic treatment accompanied by greater comfort.

Do these aligners have any benefits when compared to other types of braces, with regards to the desired result?

What is absolutely essential for me is the fact that with Invisalign I can achieve the same results as with other methods but often with increased effectiveness. One major benefit of these is that I no longer have to worry about patients' hygiene and there is no need to change their feeding habits. Standard braces were often associated with increased tooth decay and the breakup of brackets when eating tougher foods.

What can CM clients do in case they are interested in the Invisalign aligners?

Clients can contact our call center (+420 235 360 133) or enquire at our reception to book a professional consultation.  

What is the examination like and what is it like living with aligners?

As part of the examination, you will have a digital imprint of your teeth taken using the iTero intraoral scanner which forms an integral part of the Invisalign treatment. You will also have photographs and an X-ray taken. Based on all of these, we can prepare a digital treatment plan tailor-made to each client following the first examination. Within approximately three weeks, you will receive a full set of the Invisalign transparent foils and your treatment will begin. Together with the client, we will plan a suitable examination schedule based on their lifestyle. 

Do Invisalign aligners require some special care?

I recommend my patients to clean them each time they brush their teeth. The foils allow for the patient to eat and drink with them attached. However, I do not recommend it as some drinks or foods can discolor them. Additionally, hot drinks can also damage them. The most important thing to keep in mind is to place them into special travel boxes that come with them. It ensures that they are kept clean and also that patients do not lose them. 

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